The Steady And Gradual Growth Of Fagali’l Airport

Fagalil airport could seem like just another little known airport located in Apia, the capital of Samoa. The recent increase of tourists and other passenger using the airport indicates otherwise. The airport has witnessed an increased arrivals and departures in the recent past owing to the increased improvements in its infrastructure and the surrounding environment.

The airport is strategically located along the Pacific Ocean’s beautiful coastline that has continued to attract many tourists into the region on The lack of accommodation within the compound of the airport was a major setback that led to the airport losing some passengers and airlines to the surrounding airports within and around Apia.

Improvements in Accommodation

Various excellent hotels have sprung up around the Fagali’l airport boosting its chances of receiving many airlines and passengers. The setting of these hotels within a short distance from the Fagalil airport provides excellent accommodation to the passengers who use the airport. Some of these hotels include the Apia Central, Taumeasiana, and Su accommodation, Samoa sports Lodge, and Milenia Samoa Hotels among others. Some hotels even offer shuttle services to their clients such as the Insel Fehmarn hotel.

Strategic Position

The airport is situated in an area with beautiful Samoan traditional cultures and structures. The churches and government state buildings are beautiful reminders of Samoa’s post-colonial period. The airport is also closely located to the capital city of Apia; it provides an alternative arrival and departure point to many airlines and passengers, especially the small planes and short-distance travelers according to The Apia airport experiences reduced congestion because some passengers choose to use the Fagalil airport instead of larger airports. There are certified tour guides within the airport at the service of the passengers to take them around the region.

These tour guides would be important to the tourists who visit the area for the first time not knowing beautiful places to visit during their stay in Apia. Lalumanu beach is one of the attraction sites to visit when a person visits the area according to Vaiala Beach is another attraction that attracts most people who love water sports such as swimming and scuba is possible to fly directly from Fagalil airport to major destinations such as the Australia, USA, Mexico, India, and Japan among other destinations.

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