Betsy DeVos Heads To Miami To Champion Education Reform

Betsy DeVos rose to prominence in the relatively sleepy Michigan political scene. As the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the state, Betsy DeVos was never far from the spotlight should she have chosen to look for it. Instead of chasing the spotlight, Betsy DeVos instead chose to become an advocate and an activist. Betsy DeVos is one of the foremost champions of education reform with a central focus on school choice, voucher systems, and equal federal benefits for educational institutions. Now, as the Secretary of Education for the U.S., Betsy DeVos is traveling the country in order to tout her position.


As one of the foremost advocates for school choice, Betsy DeVos has been absolutely instrumental in spreading school choice to states throughout the country. With more than 17 states embracing educational choice, DeVos has already made an impressive impact. With that being said, DeVos believes that her greatest work has come in the state of Florida. For that reason, DeVos has been quick to head to Florida in order to spend time in schools that have benefited from school choice. She recently went there with the famous rapper Pitbull in order to talk a little about her goals for education reform.


Betsy DeVos believes that Florida can become a national model for education reform throughout the rest of the country. Her steadfast belief in the voucher system has helped to spread confidence to the rest of the members of her party that change can actually come. When DeVos went back to Florida recently, she went to the CARE Elementary School. This specific educational institution was once known as the Christian Academy for Reaching Education. Care is one of the many privately funded institutes that is receiving tax benefits from through incentives that embody what Betsy DeVos wants to do on a national level. Seeing all the excited children and parents in the audience of CARE, it was easy to understand why DeVos has been such an advocate for school choice.


As for why Betsy DeVos has been traveling the country with Pitbull, the answer is simple. Pitbull has opened several charter schools of his own, and he is a prominent advocate and activist in the state of Florida. Betsy DeVos and Pitbull have made, perhaps, the most unexpected of partnerships. With continued effort and motivation, the work that Pitbull and Betsy DeVos is doing might lead to actual change throughout the nation.


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