Sandwich Shop Jimmy John’s Changes Its Majority Ownership

Jimmy John’s first sub-shop was established in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud. By 1994, he owned 10 locations, each of which was earning a profit of $1 million on $4 million in revenue. That same year, he started to sell franchises. Today, there are approximately 2,800 locations.

In 2005, he decided to sell some of the company to a private equity investor. He chose Weston Presidio of Boston, Massachusetts. He netted an after-tax amount of $130 million. Jimmy John Liautaud gave $250,000 checks to his first three employees.

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The rest he used to buy municipal bonds and farmland in Illinois so he would have a steady stream of interest in case he ever needed to live off it.

In 2014, he says things got less fun. He was stressed out by the growth of the company and too many complicated things to manage. such as the $100 million advertising fund. He relates that he had no idea how to effectively use that much money to advertise.

He decided to step down as the head of Jimmy John’s and made his employee James North the company’s first chief executive officer. He is now the chairman and manages the food and culture.

Around that same year, Weston Presidio decided they wanted to sell their stake in the company. At first, he thought about making Jimmy John’s into a publicly-traded company.

This wasn’t appealing, though, because then his company would have to serve Wall Street. He decided to instead find a private equity firm that wanted to own a majority of his sub chain.

Jimmy John Liautaud vetted several large private equity firms. The one that stood out to him was Roark Capital of Atlanta, Georgia. The founder of this company, Neal Aronson, had talked to him about his family rather than just numbers. He invited Aronson to his farmhouse outside of Champaign, Illinois. They got along great as did their wives. That sealed the deal for who he would sell a majority stake to.

In October 2014, Roark Capital bought all of Weston Presidio’s shares. They also bought over half of Liautaud’s stake, leaving him with 35% ownership of Jimmy John’s. The deal resulted in 14 of his company’s longtime employees becoming overnight millionaires.

Same-store sales have dropped since then. The cause is thought to be that Jimmy John’s now has a lot of competition for delivery. They used to offer a unique delivery service but today many restaurants will deliver food using Postmates, Seamless, and other services.

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They are also fiercely competing with chains like Jersey Mike’s, Firehouse Subs, and Subway for sandwich sales.

To increase sales, Roark Capital has introduced data into Jersey Mike’s operations. They track location data such as foot traffic, the popularity of different menu items, and how satisfied customers are. Franchisees like the changes, which have resulted in 184 new Jimmy John’s opening in 2018 and another 737 are expected to soon open.

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Boris Ivanov Plans to Help with Natural Environments

Boris Ivanov has succeeded in business through Gazprom. Ivanov helps contribute to management that builds power plants. A major contract was completed in Namibia in 2009. Ivanov has focused on major projects that has led to international business and banking. Boris Ivanov knew that natural environment needed to be protected. Business has used technology to promote Gazprom and introduce business strategies to clients.

Boris Ivanov likes to launch projects that help to build the Netherlands. The business of fossil fuels are a major concern in certain areas. Boris has informed communities about environment research that focus on natural resources. The research promotes the natural resources and projects that fund the research. The community projects are a great help with citizens. They find more information that’s useful in their area.

GPB Global Resources has worked with international strategies. Boris Ivanov has landed projects that include natural resources, funding, and lecturing for clients. Boris has worked to challenge many colleagues that wanted to know more about power plants. Boris wants his education to expand in major districts in business. Some districts may choose to learn about how landscaping will help to keep natural resources. A business owner can plan to use community projects to educate citizens about natural resources. Boris knows that projects will take funding to launch and put in place. To know more about him click here.

Boris has learned that through seminars he can speak to business colleagues that have networking plans to help with natural resources. The environment will have a change in the production of fuel and plants. Business will start to improve because of community projects and education. The Netherlands will see major business and loans after community projects. Boris wants the support, and GPB Global Resources will help to plan projects that excel in preserving fossil fuels. Boris plans to team with the Netherlands and other major areas for funding, research, and community work.

Boraie Development’s Exciting Project In Atlantic City

The Boraie Development has recently opened The Showboat Residences at 600 NoBe in the South Inlet, one of a growing number of luxury condominiums that is the realization of the proposed Marina District Luxury Condominium Development Project. It is to be part of the effort to breathe in new life into the north end of Atlantic City, an initiative and a strategy that began in 2016 at the opening of the Showboat Hotel. The number and variety of new luxury condominiums have become a collaborative effort between development companies that together they have built a consolidated asset that has effectively raised the value of the area.

The patience has been well worth it after three years of continued consistent planning, construction and marketing. The Boraie Development has come at the right time with its commitments in Atlantic City. The numbers work for The Showboat Residences because of the nearly 8,000 casino hotel employees who work in the area including those who live outside Atlantic City. With the ongoing development, those who live on the shore just across the much-vaunted island developments and even those from Northern Jersey, some parts of New York and Philadelphia would want to consider living in these properties.  The Showboat Residences of 250 luxury apartment units are getting the marketing it needs to get the word out. Enticements such as offers of extended-stay will certainly sell the availability along with other inclusions and bonuses that will certainly grow the number of prospects. Boraie Developments are certainly in the right place at the right time in Atlantic City.

Getting to Know More About Expert Business Woman Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur and business woman who is based in Angola. In fact, Isabel dos Santos is the CEO and owner of Unitel, which is a telecommunications company. This company has seriously grown over time and is one of the best available to those who are in need of help. In fact, the company brought in nearly 50,000 jobs when it was first created and launched.

Because of this, you are going to find that this company has truly helped to improve the economy in a way that is beneficial to those around them. You can even learn more about Unitel by going to the site or social media pages attached to it.

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Com Alfonso Dolce, o presidente da Dolce & Gabanna, marca italiana mundialmente famosa, e sua equipa aqui em Shangai, no primeiro dia da China Internacional Import Expo. A China está a dizer ao mundo que está aberta a negociar. Estamos a partilhar experiências e conhecimentos para fazer parte desta abertura mundial. Desde a tecnologia à diversificação dos produtos, são várias as estratégias em cima da mesa #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Sodiba #CIIE #China #Angola #Lundina #ANossa #business #proudlyAngolan #DolceGabanna With Alfonso Dolce, the CEO of Dolce & Gabanna, a world famous Italian brand, and his team here in Shanghai on the first day of China International Import Expo. China is telling the world that they are open to negotiating. We are sharing experiences and knowledge to be part of this new world era. From technology to product diversification, there are several strategies to work on @dolcegabanna 上海进博会第一天遇见Alfonso Dolce 先生和他的团队,( dolcegabbana)一个世界知名意大利品牌的CEO。中国向世界承诺,更开放,多对话…

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If you would like to learn more about Isabel dos Santos and the work that she has done, you are going to want to consider going to her main site where her portfolio is located. This can give you an idea of the type of work she has done as well as what you can expect out of her in the future. This is someone who has been able to grow the economy and help people in the Angolan area who need it. You will enjoy the fact that she is continually working to improve the nation for those living there and who may want to consider getting themselves into this particular field.

When Isabel dos Santos isn’t working, you can find her doing a lot of charity work. You will find that she has a passion for all things education-related and that she is working to improve the lives of both women and children who need to be able to get the education that they need. This is a wonderful time for you and can be beneficial for a lot of people. You will want to go online and see exactly what this expert can do and all that she has been able to do for those within Africa. You can easily see why she is one of the top entrepreneurs and why she has worked diligently to improve the industry in a way that works for so many.

Why Commercial Property Investment is Beneficial: Maarten De Jeu

Maarten De Jeu is an expert in the real estate realm due to his education and experience. He holds an MBA from Oxford University, where he emerged as the top student. In addition to that, he gained skills in various fields such as real estate, financial business, and international business. Thus, he is well versed when it comes to investing in commercial properties. He explains in detail the reasons why investors should target real estate especially for the aim of earning income. Since he is a strategic advisor, Maarten has extensive knowledge of the matter.

To begin with, commercial properties refer to buildings that bring in money monthly. Thus, those that qualify include; multi-family houses, industrial parks, offices, manufacturing centers, retail spaces, and warehouses. They differ from residential homes since they are only meant for living and don’t attract profits. There is good news, according to Maarten, since the laws are now favorable. Investors can now breathe a sigh of relief because Crowdfunding is now possible. Restrictions have been eliminated, and anyone who wishes to invest can do so with as low as $5,000. In turn, they will receive monthly returns in the form of rent when the property is sold.


Commercial property is the best way to boost income since it comes with some benefits. Maarten De Jeu backs up his statement with many upper sides that investors can enjoy.

Insulated Against Inflation

Real estate in the commercial sector is not prone to fluctuation in the market prices. It is a wise investment in comparison to the stock market. For this reason, people should not be afraid of putting their money into real estate properties. The highlight is that sometimes, the rent amount increases depending on the seasons. The property value goes up exponentially, and that is perfect for business.

Cash Guarantee

Maarten De Jeu also says that at the end of the investment, there is a guarantee that the owners receive cash. It always comes in the form of monthly rent from tenants. Thus, owning a house for commercial reasons is the ideal way to get money within the short term.

Room for Upgrading

From time to time, real estate owners can decide to upgrade buildings to attract clients. It normally happens if the house needs to look more appealing so that they can be occupied. Maarten De Jeu outlines this as an advantage because, in case of damages, the insurance can cover all the costs. In short, the property is much safer due to the possibilities of changing them and maximizing the value. Learn more:

Tax Deductions

With the help of a tax professional, people who own commercial buildings have the benefit of paying less tax. The benefit comes from the depreciation associated with the property. Investors can then use the amount to maintain and repair various constructions. As of 2018, there was a tax allowance of about 20% that is meant for real estate properties. Therefore, the deduction is what property owners can benefit from in the end.

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GPB Global Resources Takes Great Pains in Adjusting to the Locality Where They Set-up In

GPB Global Resources B.V was founded and set up by Mr. Boris Ivanov, who is the company’s  esteemed Founder and Managing Director. GPB GR, its shortened name, has its primary headquarter in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but this company also has resounding success in South America and Africa. They find oil, extract it, develop it further, ensuring that production opportunities will always be prolific in these regions.

This is no mean feat because Africa alone has 54 countries spanning the entire continent. Each of these countries have their own political climate, specific rules, unique traditions, and varying kinds cultural practices. This has become a challenge for a company like GPB Global Resources because they needed to tailor fit their approaches and practices based on the location of their site.

To illustrate, Ethiopia is more advanced with an established legal framework. They also have best practices procedures in place that ascribe to international standards. On the other hand, a country like Mozambique just recently discovered a natural gas in their country, so they have absolutely no legal structures in place.

GPB Global will find it easier to venture in the Cote D’Ivoire because the country recently introduced new laws that were written to strengthen and increase investment in the extractive oil sector. Similarly, Namibia and South Africa have existing well crafted extraction laws, which makes it is easier for oil companies like GPB Global Resources to set up shop and develop more products.

That being said, GPB Gobal Resources takes great pains to abide by local and regional laws and regulations. They also have to respect common law customs, being careful not to offend the residents. Failure to comply may impact the company’s license to operate in the area.

Boris Ivanov, the company CEO, who is a former diplomat, has made it a lot easy for the GPB Global Resources company to navigate an unfamiliar location. He uses his knowledge to facilitate the easy transition of the GPB company and the team wherever they set up their extraction site. By taking to account the culture and laws of a locality, they are able to take the right steps to easily assimilate in the environment, which helps in promoting their continued expansion.


A Great School For Those Who Are Artistically Minded

College is that next big step for teenagers. It is that one thing that will make or break them—or so people say such a thing. There is so much pressure on the backs of teenagers because they are told that having a good future is dependent upon which colleges they go to. They are told that if they don’t go to the correct schools, they will have little to no chance at a future. This idea is both true and false. The reason why it is false is because, at the end of the day, a lot of people who go to good colleges end up with subpar results in their lives, anyway. However, there are a lot of people out there who really do end up in better situations due to the colleges that they went to. This is because of the fact that the colleges that they attended allowed them to learn proper techniques and network with the correct people. Without going to the right colleges, some people would never have made it big in their careers.

 The Academy of Art University is just the right school for people who want to go to the right college. It is a private college that has school many artists since 1929. The long track record of this instruction proves that it is a great place for those who want to learn career-level art skills. A lot of love goes into the education of each and every student. There are different facets of art that the Academy of Art University offers. The majors that they teach include acting, fashion, game development, animation and visual effects, photography, graphic design, motion pictures and television, advertising design, architecture, art education, art history, fine art, illustration and industrial design. The large gamut of majors makes this college a great place for all who are artistically minded.

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Steve Lesnard Of The North Face Shares How He Brings Ideas To Life

Steve Lesnard joined The North Face EMEA as its chief marketing officer in July 2019. He brought with him over two decades of experience marketing products internationally. He joined The North Face at a time when it is introducing a revolutionary technology, FUTURELIGHT, and creating new sustainability projects around the world. One of these is the Explore Fund which was created to encourage people to explore the outdoors and become environmental stewards.

He was instrumental in designing a new The North Face location in New York City. Located in SoHo, this is an 8,000 sq ft store that provides an interactive experience. Steve Lesnard called it like an outdoor apparel museum. He said this store enhances the consumer journey and gives them genuine, personalized value. The store focuses on this brand’s history and preparing people to do their own exploration.

Steve Lesnard says that he brings ideas to life by talking to his teammates. A great idea can come from anyone on the team and be improved upon by having a group work on it. He says there are three components involved. First is creating a clear picture of a problem and how a product can solve it. The second is to know what type of consumer you need to target. The third is to communicate what benefits the product will offer customers. Once you have done this you can focus on how to go about bringing the idea to life and in what way it will enhance the consumer journey.


Isabel do Santos’s Opinion on The Future of Portugal and Angola

Golden businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos has told the media that she intends to continue investing in the future of young people. She believes in giving young people jobs and opportunities in the communications Industry, gas and oil at the other industries helps expand the economies of her native country of Angola, Africa and the working relationship it has with Portugal.

In the recent Federation of women intrapreneurs, where she recently participated, Isabel dos Santos told reporters that her success is based on her ability to invest in industries where other business people are uninterested. She says, “ I believe in the economies of Angola and Portugal and believe they are both intertwined.” As such Isabel dos Santos continually invests in sectors such as telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, electricity and other economies that promote growth for the countries. She believes young professionals in Portugal, Angola and many of the countries of Africa have a lot of talent. Therefore creating jobs in these countries and giving opportunities to young people is something she will continue to invest in. Isabel dos Santos owns interests in companies such as Zon Multimedia, Galp, EFACEc and Banco BIC in Portugal and other similar interests in Angola.

Ms Santos also believes Angola to be a great nation because of its history. Although, she realizes that Angola and all of Africa continues to have many challenges. She states that most of the world sees every African country as simply Africa and Africans, regardless of the country we come from. “This image other countries have of us needs to change. There is still a lot of work to do in the economies of this continent.

With regards to women’s role in Africa, Isabel dos Santos says, “Today we see more and more African women who are beginning to have the courage to embrace entrepreneurship, it is our obligation to inspire and motivate these women. Even so, becoming an entrepreneur in Africa is not an easy thing to do.” She believes it is still very difficult to access basic services such as Bank credits, customer trust at the even communication services, especially so for women. “We must continue to grow and expand in these areas.”

Bhanu Choudhrie Predicts Aviation May Shortly Become Much More Open to Women

When civil aviation began, pilots were recruited from the ranks of military aviators. Some of them had considerable experience with aerial combat, and they were highly valued by the airlines during that nascent period.

Since then, aviation has been seen as a macho profession, an endeavor to be pursued by men only. Even today, women represent only a meager 3% of the 290,000 aircraft pilots worldwide, but that could be about to change.

Bhanu Choudhrie has been deeply involved with the aviation industry since founding the Philippine-based Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) 13 years ago. During that time the flight school has trained 900 pilots from several different countries around the world. If the current corps of cadets is an indication, the percentage of female pilots may be about to take an enormous leap.

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Upon visiting AAG’s campus 50 miles outside of Manila in Pampanga province you would notice that 1 in five of the students is female. Bhanu Choudhrie suggests that this is a sign of things to come. The reason being, there just are not enough men to fill in all the slots for new pilots that are opening up.

These opportunities for women are more a response to the severe demand for new pilots coming from the aviation industry. Although societal views on gender and occupation are gradually shifting as well.

Boeing recently predicted that worldwide the commercial aviation industry will need 645,000 additional pilots. Bhanu Choudhrie feels the aviation industry can not possibly continue growing at its current rate without women joining the profession.

To that end, AAG has initiated a recruitment campaign focused on attracting more female students. The steadily increasing enrollment of female cadets is attributed to these efforts.

Due to the boom in air traffic, AAG’s airline partners in the Asia-Pacific region have been working very closely with the flight school to ensure that they will have access to a steady flow of newly graduated AAG pilots.

Female aviators in the Asia-Pacific region are about to witness a golden age. Attracting more women to the cockpit is the smartest way to keep the regional airlines flying, according to Bhanu Choudhrie.