A Search for Crystal Hunt Produces a Multi-Cultural Experience

Blood and gore are prevalent in the 1991 Chinese film, “Crystal Hunt.” The Chinese subtitles are somewhat moot to English viewers, but it is possible to follow much of the movie just by the action and the kinetic energy that continues throughout the entire film. I found myself mesmerized by the action as well as flinching at the multitudinous beatings that some of the characters were receiving or meting out. The overall premise was there: Good vs. Evil in a quest for jewels and justice.

Ironically, as I had sought out the You Tube version of the video “Crystal Hunt” online, I happened upon an interesting conundrum; for whereas I was seeking a Chinese action-packed foreign film, a beautiful blonde actress popped up in my Google search. There was some momentary confusion as I did a mental inventory of semantics before I realized that Crystal Hunt is also the name of a 1985 Florida-born American actress who has appeared in multiple works, such as the soap operas “One Life to Live,” and “Guiding Light,” as a co-star alongside Amanda Bynes in the Movie “Sydney White,” and most recently with Channing Tatum in the ladies’ choice movie, “Magic Mike XXL.”

In April of 2015, Crystal Hunt was cast in a series called “Queens of Drama.” Much like the frenetic and somewhat frantic Tae Kwon Do actors do in the movie, “Crystal Hunt,” the beautiful actress herself often kicks and screams in a soap operatic sort of way along with other famous soap opera cohorts such as Donna Mills, Lindsay Hartlay and Vanessa Marcil.  Check out this Crystal on her Facebook, or her official website devoted to photography.

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