The Inspiring Story Of Sudhir Choudhrie

Sudhir Choudhrie is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who has made his mark in the international scene owing to the fact that he has been the leader of his successful ventures. He is an Indian born businessman who mainly operates his businesses from London. He has an incredible standing in various industries, particularly in the field of healthcare, aviation, hospitality, and the arms industry. The work that he has done in these industries has been nothing short of incredible and has cemented the hard work that he has put in all these years. Sudhir Choudhrie spent most of his formative years growing up within the city of Delhi.

He always wanted to be successful at something and had the aim of starting up his own company. He had many role models within his family and people who had started their own businesses who he looked up to. These individuals inspired him to take the necessary steps to start up his own business. He always knew that education was something that could help him in his successful career and decided that he would pursue a degree from Delhi University in Economics. Soon after completing his degree, he decided that he would start working on his own terms and decided to start up his own company during this time. He first started out by importing televisions into India from the UK.

It is important to note that this was done at a time when there weren’t many televisions in the country and people were just starting to see a need for it. His business proved to be incredibly successful within the initial months and was something that caught the eye of big names. The Indian Government too decided to benefit from the import services that he was providing, and soon, Sudhir Choudhrie was selling his television imports to the Indian Government. The success of this company led him to establish the Magnum Trading Company.  After experiencing his success journey, Sudhir Choudhrie realized that he wanted to set up a company that would help him with further investment ventures. This led him to establish  Alpha C&C Group, which now stands as an incredibly prominent company within its industry. Click here.

Prevagen can help fight cognitive decline

No one likes to face that our cognitive abilities decline as we age. Memory is often said to be one of the first things to go. This is not necessarily true, vision and muscle strength often start to go long before memory slips.

The brain is the last organ to fully develop, as anyone who has hit the age of twenty five now. People facing advanced age want to find ways to improve their brain. Prevagen, along with the following tips, can help a person maintain peak brain function as they get older.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Everyone knows that diets can be highly individualized as people get older. One common effect of aging is that people start to get acid reflux. Reflux can be caused by different foods in different people. Doctors typically prescribe omeprazole or similar medications to control the issue.

However, this is not necessary. A well-balanced diet can prevent the influx of acid into the esophageal tract.

Not only can a well-balanced diet help someone with acid reflux, putting in foods that help the brain can help prevent deterioration. The right diet is a win-win situation for all the organs involved. It can also help with lowering blood pressure.

Exercise that Brain!

Some people jokingly call the brain a muscle. This is incorrect for a variety of reasons as the brain performs none of the functions of a muscle. Even though it is not a muscle, certain functions can get lost over time.

How much algebra do most adults remember now that they no longer need to do quadratic equations? The brain forgets skills that it no longer needs overtime. Read more: Prevagen Improves Memory Regular Strength 10mg, 30CT  and Prevagen Extra Strength, 20mg -30 Capsules | Rite Ai

A person who does not want to lose these skills should exercise them. Learning languages, learning to play a new instrument and even picking up a new skill are good ways for people to keep their brain in good function.

Don’t Forget to Use that Body!

While making sure the brain gets the exercise it needs, it is important to make sure the body stays in motion, too. The brain is involved in everything the body does.

Going walking, riding a bicycle or other activities can help maintain overall good health. If someone decides to supplement their activities with Prevagen Even more can be done.

The Importance of Sleep

Finally, we come up the last bit of advice. Everyone sleeps and everyone needs sleep. People who do not get enough sleep do not let their body heal and repair its cells. Doctors believe this is a factor in the development of fibromyalgia in middle-aged women and some middle-aged men.

Getting these individuals to sleep properly is one of the major ways of treating this chronic condition. It also keeps the brain in top shape. Now that you know how to fight the natural decline of the body with Prevagen, why not go order some?

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Softbank And Fortress Investment Group To Deal Well

The Fortress Investment Group and Softbank are joined together in harmony.


Softbank purchased the Fortress Investment Group in the past few years, and it has continued to keep the entity under its wings. The Japanese giant is one that has a varied group of objects and investments under its umbrella. Many people conduct the sum of parts investing when they work to value and assess Softbank and its myriad properties.

The Fortress Investment Group tie-up with Softbank should come as no surprise to anyone involved in the commercial space. Softbank has transformed itself from a specific financial entity to one that is becoming an entity that is much broader overall.

The Japanese giant transformed itself over time from being published to a telecom giant to an investing maven. Now, Softbank is a substantial and large private equity firm without being classified as one. The company raised more than $80 billion to bring about artificial intelligence in a meaningful way to the world.

The entity provides investors with more than 6% in annual coupons on the money allocated to Softbank. As such, the company must move in certain ways and take several actions to ensure steady growth overall for itself and its partners.

Read more: A Year of Monumental Change at Fortress Investment Group

A substantial portion of Softbank’s’ various funds come from those who seek to transform themselves and diversify their holdings. Investors can obtain a wide variety of capital safety mechanisms while also benefiting from investment proceeds. Further, limited partners of the company can be sure to get their yearly payment and the upside of equity surplus generated from investments in various booming companies.

It is this scenario that we see how important it is for its investments to pan out and become viable. Fortunately, firms the Fortress Investment Group have substantial experience within the sector and can act to deploy capital appropriately to go down the right path.

Deploying capital adequately is quite vital in high stakes situations to build more trust and confidence. It is necessary to attract the right parties in investment situations while also optimizing for growth and appreciation in investments and returns.

Softbank and Fortress will continue to work together and aim for strong returns.

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Darien Dash’s Guide Through The Entertainment Industry

Darien Dash was born to a family that had ties in the industry of entertainment, with his cousin being a Chairman in Roc-A-Fella Records and step-father being an executive producer at Casablanca Records. To find his own way through the industry, Darien Dash and his cousin, Damon, teamed up to create Roc-A-Bloc Records, which soon began signing many young, rising hip-hop stars, such as Jay-Z, and grossing thousands upon thousands of dollars. Dash is described as “a visionary and high-bandwidth thinker”, when it comes to business and strategy.

President Clinton even asked Darien Dash to aid him in the task of finding ways to open up the internet and making it more accessible to all kinds of people. With the help of Carly Fiorina, who is the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, they formed a partnership in a firm called Places of Color. They sold low-priced computers to companies with minorities in New York and New Jersey. Dash created DME Interactive Holdings in 1994, and became the CEO of the first internet company owned by an African-American that was publicly traded on Wall Street.

As of right now, Darien is founder and CEO of The Movement Management firm. The firm’s goal is to provide advice, whether financial or strategic, to clients working in all kinds of industries, such as sports, media, and entertainment. Dash says that his company has evolved from all the day-to-day activities he has provided for his clients and now focuses on advising others such as CEOs, executives, and entertainers. To know more about Dash visit

One trend that excites Darien Dash is seeing young Hispanics and African-Americans becoming more active in business and industries. The movement going on between social justice and entrepreneurial communities, and how they evolve with the times, also excite him. Dash also recommends for other businesses and entrepreneurs to focus and pay close attention to income statements and P&L, every month. He believes that this can make or break a business. Darien Dash’s main strategy is putting the client first and serving them with whatever they need. He believes his job is to give guidance.

Sheldon Lavin is Growing OSI Group Past Its Humble Beginnings

In the modern food industry, Sheldon Lavin has established a certain reputation for himself. It doesn’t only come with being the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, one of the largest food processing corporations in the world, but exactly how he has continued running the operations of the company.

Under the watch of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has grown immensely. Formerly known as Otto & Sons, the corporation had begun its operations from the Chicago area as a family owned butcher shop. While that was all the way back in 1909, the company spent a few decades before it started to offer processed products in the form of ground meat. But the company’s larger break came in 1955, when it formed a partnership with McDonald’s to become one of the major meat suppliers to the then-budding fast food restaurant.

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From there, the company was put on a path of consistent success. That was around the same period when Sheldon Lavin joined the firm after taking part in a financing deal for it. From the mid-1970s, the expert continued to focus on consistent growth for the corporation. While Lavin focused on the larger partnership with McDonald’s, which continues to this date, he also ensured to dedicate his attention into making OSI Group a global entity.

Through these efforts, Sheldon Lavin ensured to expand the corporations roots out of the Chicago area at first, and then outside of the U.S. itself. The company expanded to Europe, Central America, and then Asia, becoming a multinational entity with various processing plants to its name.

From there, Sheldon ventured into forming larger partnerships with entities other than McDonald’s. Today, the company isn’t only one of the biggest suppliers to the iconic fast food chain, but has also joined hands with corporations such as Impossible Burger to help the company bring plant based protein to those who want to benefit from the growing food trend.

With this focus on growth and actually having the statistics to back those plans with tangible expansion, Sheldon Lavin showed the world what a consistent plan for success looks like for a corporation the size of OSI Group. For more information about Sheldon Lavin, view at

China’s e-Commerce Leader: Richard Liu Quangdong

c and leader in the e-commerce industry in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of or Jingdong Mall. is a shortened form of his first venture into business on his own in 1998. The name “Jingdong” was created after the last characters of his girlfriend’s and his name together. Jingdong was a shop that sold magneto-optical products in Beijing. Richard Liu also sold computers and became successful and expanded to 12 stores by 2003. However, when a SARS outbreak that year caused the employees and customers to stay inside their homes, he closed his stores and focused on e-commerce, giving birth to two years later. Richard Liu Qiangdong ensured that only products of quality were sold by controlling sales and shipping, whereas some internet businesses gave no receipts, or they dealt in counterfeit products. Today, Richard Liu owns China’s largest online direct sales businesses. With Wal-Mart working along with, operations in China, Southeast Asia and the United States have expanded.

At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in 2018, Richard Liu Qiangdong announced that he had added 30,000 employees. He felt that this additional help would make his company the best in e-commerce, technology, finance and logistics. Currently, there are 500 logistic centers from which deliveries are made around the world. gives a commitment that deliveries will be made within six hours in China and 20 hours anywhere in the world. With a company that is now worth $60 billion with 7,000 employees, Richard Liu’s goals are to bring products of the highest quality from around the world to China. He hopes to expand into Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America with e-commerce, logistics, technology and core businesses.

Despite his great success and fame, Richard Liu Qiangdong has not forgotten the Chinese traditional values. Honoring his father and mother and directing his children to find their own ways in life are two such values. He is also humble about his good fortune, claiming that wealth is to be used as a resource to help his country and society grow.

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OSI Group Saves the Day

In late July Impossible Foods made a deal with the food manufacturing company OSI Group. The need for alternative meats has reached an all time high and to keep up the demand this deal had to happen to stay ahead. OSI Group is known for their deal with McDonalds. The OSI Group has been working on the Impossible Burger which is based out of the west suburbs of Chicago to help with the demand for plant-based burgers. President of Impossible Foods say that the OSI Group will help double production soon and quadruple by the end of 2019. Earlier in the year Woodside and Impossible foods thought about not partnering with any one but quickly thought against it and realized they need help.

With this deal the idea is to never have a shortage of burgers again. Other chain companies such as Burger King, White Castle, Qdoba, and others have jumped on the plant based meat bandwagon which has cause a shortage of Impossible Burgers. McDonalds however associated with OSI Group, has taken the wait and see method for these plant-based burgers. Nestle and Tyson are two other leading food suppliers that are working on their own plant-based meat as well.

Impossible Burger’s Senior Vice President of Productions indicated that a deal with McDonalds could be in the works but isn’t there yet. On top of the new deal, Impossible Foods was just received a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) letter. This came from the United States Food and Drug Administration for their ingredient soy leg-hemoglobin. This will allow them to sell their meat at retails stores all over the country. With a GRAS letter and a new deal, it seems that Impossible Foods will have a big impact on the future of chain restaurants and their most popular burgers as well as retail stores.

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Sergey Petrossov, the Mind Behind JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Finding a way to travel from one place to the next is always a daunting task. While commercial travel is now something that all people are able to take advantage of, there continue to be headaches involved in the process. Finding a solution to this is something that many people would appreciate. One young entrepreneur has continued to develop a new concept in the space that could help anyone to get to their final destination in a more comfortable manner.

One company that is continuing to make a big impact on the travel industry is JetSmarter, which helps more people gain access to private flights than ever before. While traveling on a private jet used to be far too expensive and inefficient for the average person, JetSmarter has connected people that would like to fly privately to those that own private jets.

To be a member of this company and gain access to private jets, you will need to spend $14,000 per year for an annual membership plus pay additional charges for flights. Today, the company provides access to hundreds of cities located across the United States, Europe, South America, and parts of Asia. Overall, the company has boasted a membership list that is now in excess of 8,000 people and it served more than 45,000 unique passengers.

Sergey Petrossov

While this is still a growing concept, JetSmarter is continuing to gain the attention of private investors and frequent travelers. Recently, the company announced that it had raised more than $100 million in private equity funding and the company has been valued at more than $1 billion. The concept for JetSmarter was developed by founder and CEO Sergey Petrossov. While he was still in his 20s when the company was introduced in 2013, his background and entrepreneurial spirit have helped him to continue to grow the company. Today, Sergey Petrossov has helped grow the company to have more than 250 employees many of which are located in the Fort Lauderdale, FL headquarters.

Smita Shah: Helping Women Entrepreneurs

Smita Shah is no stranger to success as a female engineer with her internationally known firm, SPAAN Tech. She has made a name for herself since her college days memorizing many with her “math rely” performances and showing her inner nerd. Since that time, she has embarked on a journey to uplift and help female entrepreneurs make it in the world of male domination in various industries. Shah has a few methods many female business owners or career-searchers can take advantage of. It’s a wonder she hasn’t slowed down with all of the success she has attained in her own career. 


Shah never forgoes the opportunity to give some needed advice most businesswomen often don’t have at their fingertips and seriously need. She is all for the empowerment of women and would like to see them succeed just as she has over the years. Shah knows that most women can get caught up in their own self-image which is often not great in their eyes. They are too hard on themselves and see things with a poor outlook. Shah says this mainly happens when there are no available role models to bounce off ideas to or consult with. In her suggestions, she says they should drop the negativity of themselves to focus on their recognition in the past or what they are doing now. Further, Shah says it’s a must to have a strong presence in any room one is in. She believes it comes down to how we present ourselves to the people we meet for the first time. Impressions can last a long time and form relationships you never thought about. Shah says to always keep our charms in check with a neutral and mellow demeanor. Shah takes this a bit further saying women need to be mindful in their posture and hold themselves with a confident back. Learn more:


Her method of not taking credit tells all businesswomen to not stand on the sidelines and fail to speak up for their work. Shah mentions how some women are passive and don’t assert themselves enough when taking credit for projects. To her, there is nothing wrong with playing the game of business as many men do in a cutthroat manner. She warns women can get lost in the spotlight when they fail to be more assertive than others. Shah states success stories are inspirational to others when businesswomen share them.


It’s no doubt that women can lose their focus when working. Shah says to focus on what matters at the moment and don’t worry about what has gone on in the past regarding mistakes. All it does in her eyes is take away a woman’s energy when dealing with the present. Shah’s methods continue with fighting stereotypes. She points out the old days when women were getting coffee or running errands for the entire office. Shah states these old stereotypes should be avoided and businesswomen need to forgo some kindness. If not, they’ll get marked as the target for these old behaviors.

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Clement Perrette Helps Make STRIPS Accounts More Appealing

In previous decades, investors were limited to investing in stocks or bonds that originated in their home country. However, technology has allowed brokerages and individual investors to gain exposure to stocks, bonds and other investment products throughout the world. Among these products are Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities (STRIPS).

Clement Perrette Has Played a Role in Making STRIPS Popular

STRIPS are popular for new investors because all they have to do is wait until the security reaches maturity to receive payment. They will know ahead of time how much the note costs as well as what its value will be at maturity. Clement Perrette Barclays was instrumental in creating the EUR STRIPS and FRF STRIPS programs. He also launched a public relations campaign to highlight the effectiveness of STRIPS and make them popular among individual investors.

Perrette Increased the Profile of His Employers

In addition to establishing himself as one of the top financial minds in Europe, he helped Deutsche Bank Paris become the top ranked bank in the country. He would later work for Barclays London, and during his time there, Perrette would make that bank a top institution for STRIPS trading.

Money Isn’t Everything

While Perrette has been wildly successful in the financial field, he has shifted his focus toward philanthropy in recent years. His top priority is to help preserve marine life throughout the world. He has engaged in projects that highlight whale and dolphin poaching and the dangerous impact that it can have on ocean life.

About Clement Perrette

Clement Perrette has long been fascinated by math and science, and he graduated with a finance degree from HEC Paris in 1990. His first job after graduating from college was with SociétéGénérale Paris.

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