Marc Beer

Marc Beer’s Road to Success

In 1987, Marc Beer left his college years behind and joined the pharmaceutical industry as a sales and marketing professional. His career quickly skyrocketed when he joined Genzyme and was named Vice President of Global Marketing shortly after he started working. It was while working at Genzyme that Beer also discovered he had a passion for solving pressing and immediate problems.

After promoting a Genzyme product line to more than 350 million people around the world, Beer felt the desire to up his game. He felt restricted by Genzyme’s policies and wanted to push his talents further. A few years later, he had all the skills needed to launch his first company.

In 2000, Beer finally got around to launching that first business after finding a worthy cause. Marc Beer founded ViaCell in 2000, a company dedicated to developing treatments for several physical conditions by using umbilical cord blood stem cells. By 2005, he’d taken his company public and found out how much the rest of the world valued his efforts.

Two years later, Beer experienced the highest and lowest points in his life. First, Beer sold ViaCell to a company called PerkinElmer, which purchased ViaCell for $300 million. That same year, Beer lost his wife suddenly to a pulmonary embolism.

Marc Beer went from being on top of the world to the lowest point in a matter of months. Despite his promising career as a pharmaceutical and biotechnology entrepreneur, Beer set his career aside and focused on his family life. He found consolation in raising his three children and being a stay-at-home dad.

Today, Beer is best known as a co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Renovia. He decided to rediscover his passion for business after his daughter began encouraging him to go back to work. After taking her advice, he found two partners to go into business with.

The first partner, Dr. Ray Iglesias, was the original mastermind behind the company. Dr. Iglesias spent 35 years performing pelvic floor surgeries and wished that there was a way for women to avoid surgery. He spent ten years developing some concepts, and when everything was developed enough, he shared those concepts with Marc Beer. Learn more:

Later, Yolanda Lorie would join the team and Renovia would be founded. Currently, Renovia is on the cutting-edge of pelvic floor disorders treatments and therapies. Nearly 25 percent of women in the U.S. suffer from pelvic floor disorders and that’s too much suffering for Beer to sleep at night. Inspired by his wife’s death and his daughters, Beer felt obligated to join the fight.

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Luke Lazarus: Transition to Startup Consulting

Research shows that approximately ninety percent of all new businesses collapse within the first five years after they have been launched.

However, there is a tiny group of entrepreneurs who do not seem to be affected by the hurricane forces unleashed by the marketplace.

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These entrepreneurs seem to know the secret to launch and growing startup after startup into a mature salable business. This group is known as serial-entrepreneurs.

Though they are a very tiny percentage of all company owners, these entrepreneurs have an incredible consistency in being successful every time they start a business hence showing that there is more going on in growing a business than just surviving.

Most people may believe that these successful entrepreneurs are just lucky. However, luck has nothing to do with them enjoying success stories every single time. It is all about having raw knowledge and skill that helps them achieve the immense success that most individuals can only dream of.

However, every once in a while these super-entrepreneurs get tired of accumulating wealth for their gain. They instead decide to help startup owners to navigate the sharp learning curve that most new business falls from.

Luke Lazarus is among the tiny minority of serial entrepreneurs. Luke launched his first business when he was eight years old, and he has been involved in the entrepreneurship sector ever since.

He was a straight-A student in high school and also excelled in numerous scholastic sports. Luke later graduated from Melbourne Business School with an MBA at only twenty-four years of age.

After graduating, Luke spent over ten years building four companies, which he later sold at huge profits. He was completely financially independent by the time he was thirty-five years old.

Lazarus then realized that money was no longer a driving factor for him, and hence did not need to continue being an entrepreneur. Luke Lazarus had seen how fulfilling it was to help other individuals achieve their life and business goals throughout his professional career, and he decided that that is exactly what he would do.

Luke started using his tremendous talents to provide solutions to other business people who were struggling with the numerous problems involved in starting and running a company.

He became a business consultant and created a unique strategy for startup consulting that emphasized on analysis, systems, and emotional connections to both the customers and stakeholders.

Luke Lazarus utilizes the experience he gained over the years to help clients’ businesses into the kinds of operations that will instantly capture the venture capitalists’ attention and help his clients close the deals. He helps startups and struggling companies to realize success even if they do not obtain venture capital.

Additional Information

Luke Lazarus was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He is a global marketing consultant for new companies and has a long list of successful and satisfied clients.

Lazarus maintains a structure in all areas of his life that have helped him to achieve impressive success. He has a daily workout routine that he always performs no matter what.

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He also carves time to interact and connect with his friends, read the paper, and walk his dog. Lazarus also participates in philanthropic activities.

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Oren Frank Highlights What Makes TalkSpace Different From Traditional Therapy

Oren Frank is the co-founder and CEO of TalkSpace, a text-based therapy app provider that has gained a significant amount of traction in the seven years since it was founded. Throughout this time, Frank and his wife, Roni, have advanced this success by releasing a variety of features and improvements that have enhanced its user-friendliness. Alongside this, the entrepreneur has utilized many of the skills he had developed during his career as a marketing and advertising professional.

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The pair came up with the idea for TalkSpace after receiving marriage counseling, which they’ve often credited for helping them fall back in love. Alongside this, they realized how expensive most therapy options were, which usually meant that many people were unable to afford the mental health care that they needed. This is something that the Franks thought was unjust, as they believed that therapy should be something that everybody has access to.

As a result, Roni and Oren Frank began working on TalkSpace, with both drawing on the experience they had developed in their previous careers; Oren as a marketing professional, and Roni as a software developer. When releasing the app, the couple were able to attract a variety of licensed therapists, which they put through an extensive vetting process to ensure that they were experienced and of a high-quality.

This subsequently led to TalkSpace receiving a significant amount of attention in the years that followed, with the app boasting that it’s connected over one million people with therapists. Throughout this time, Oren Frank was able to identify a variety of features that would attract users, with affordable mental health care being just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the more notable aspects of this have been ensuring that users can easily switch between therapists with ease.

This is something that many people may struggle with when utilizing traditional therapy options. For example, Oren Frank highlights that it can often be difficult for people to start with a new professional, as they’ll usually have to go back over many areas that were covered with their previous therapist. However, TalkSpace avoids this by allowing patients to quickly and easily transfer their files to a new professional when needed.


The Expertise and Work of Investment Guru Michael Nierenberg

When it comes to working with a high-quality investment agency as well as professional, there is no better place to go than with New Residential Corp and Michael Nierenberg. Visit Medium to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

The reason so many people put their trust into Michael Nierenberg is because he has decades of experience working within the investment industry. He is the current president and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, which works to help fund businesses and entrepreneurs who need some type of backing. Before joining the company, Michael Nierenberg was a valuable asset to Bear Stearns. Bear Stearns is a well-known investment company as well, and they had helped build numerous companies. Visit to know more.

While working with Bear Stearns for 14 years, Michael Nierenberg was in charge of interest rate and exchange rate operations. This gave him an edge when it came to understanding the depths of investing and how to better suit the needs of his clients. Currently, Michael Nierenberg works diligently to grow the New Residential Corp company and provide the assistance that businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for in order to grow the companies they want to thrive in a competitive market.


The story of Wes Edens, a co-owner in Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group enjoys leadership from the best finance gurus in the world. Wes Edens is a co-owner in this powerful New York company, and he loves investments. In 1998, the finance graduate decided to start his own company. When the institution was still new in the American market, it made so much progress. Everyone was happy about the excellent services they were getting from the company. In 2007, the subprime crisis left most of the financial institutions with losses. Everyone wanted to know how Edens and his team were going to handle the tough situation and ensure that customers did not get losses. At the end of the crisis, the team, led by Wes Edens, shocked everyone. Most of the investors had a great story to tell. After the closure of many institutions, Fortress Investment Group stood tall, making profits and improving the lives of its global customers.

When the financial crisis ended, Edens and the co-founders of Fortress decided to take on the challenging American market with wisdom. The co-owners have looked for more profit-making investments for their clients. Just recently, Wes Edens announced that his company would invest over three billion dollars in the transport industry. According to the finance expert, a huge amount of money will go to the construction of a railroad. The railroad will be in Florida and its environs. The renowned business professional took this decision when he discovered that self-driving is no longer a great way of transport in American society.

Milwaukee Bucks was famous several years ago. However, in recent years, the team has failed to impress its fans because of poor management and leadership. Wes Edens bought huge shares in the company, giving hope to the champions. By purchasing the team, the finance graduate is hopeful that they will improve and play in many other games in the future. The struggling team is very excited about the purchase. The most powerful billionaire has a special place in the hearts of millions of people. The billionaire, in the company of his wife and children, has given his huge donations to struggling families in the US and other parts of the globe.

Impossible Foods and OSI Group Partner Produce and Distribute the Impossible Burger

Impossible Foods began its food science research and development project to find the perfect plant based burger in 2011. It set up its headquarters in Redwood City and started looking for all the ideal plant-based ingredients that would produce a burger that had all the qualities of a beef burger but without beef. After many years of intense research and experimentation, it arrived at the exact combination of plant-based ingredients that formed its perfect Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger look, tasted, cooked, and bled like a burger, but it remained 100% plant-based. Impossible Foods was very enthusiastic about showing its Impossible Burger to the world and debuted the Impossible Burger, a David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi restaurant in New York City.

The debuted event took place in the Summer of 2016, and by the beginning of 2019, more than 10,000 orders had accumulated that were being filled for the Impossible Burger at Impossible Foods 67,000 square foot production facility in Oakland. By mid-2019, the rules had become so many that Impossible Foods made a co-production agreement with the 113-year legend in meat packing, OSI Group. OSI Group has been producing best McDonalds burgers since Roy Kroc selected OSI Group to be its sole meat-packer since 1955. OSI Group is now in 17 countries and 65 international locations. The number of people that OSI Group employs is 20,000. OSI manufactured an exact copy of the Impossible Foods production facility in its Chicago plant, which produces parallel to the Impossible Foods production facility and now brings all of his distribution network and history of excellent service to bringing the Impossible Burger to thousands of food-purveyors and restaurants.

According to Shateel Shah, speaking about the co-production agreement between the two companies said, it was pleased to work alongside the legendary company and hoped to learn from its innovations and service since 1909 when it first began in Deer Park, a Chicago suburb. Recently Impossible Foods increased its orders when Burger King launched the Impossible Whopper nationwide in 7,500 of its restaurants, bringing the demand for the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods recently were approved by the FDA to place the Impossible Burger in large and small grocery stores, which means the Impossible Burger will, in the future, be available in more retail stores across America. Click here.

Companies Focus on Building Oil Because of Toyo Setal

Companies need oil and gas to maintain customer service. Toyo Setal is a company that started in 2012. It’s located in Brazil. The company helps contractors come together to start construction projects. The company has been working in mining to produce steel for construction workers. Toyo Setal knows that fertilizer helps any area stay within standards for construction and building neighborhoods. The company has continued to focus on construction that has helped to build Brazil.

Some customers need shipments of oil to residents and businesses. Toyo Setal does the most with making sure that shipments are in place. The company contracts with business owners that need oil to help an area. Community projects help to inform citizens that are willing to have management that wants to reach other companies. Togo and Steal will start a project and finish it after knowing what a company wants them to do.

It helps Brazil keep a check on their oil and gas. The area doesn’t have to focus on fueling systems because of the leadership skills that have developed through Toyo and Setal. Toyo and Setal work in projects that help restaurants, mining, and farms. Customers are excited to know that the company is dependable.

After Toyo and Setal, there are companies that help the environment. Brazil has gained a lot of attention due to Toyo Setal’s business planning. Most customers attend seminars that talk about keeping farms, mines, and food supplies moving to restaurants. Oil is a major part of what a company needs to stay open to the public. Toyo and Setal should be one of the businesses that owners trust with their shipping supplies. The company is wiling to take suggestions from businesses that have depended on them. Gas and oil can be secured with the proper storage. Toyo Setal helps maintain any business supplies that may be needed for operations and events.

Why Equities First Holdings UK Show Professionalism

Equities First Holdings United Kingdom (EFH UK) was a new market in 2013. The office in London would lead the company to become well-known in the finance sector in Europe. The company was well-known for being an alternative to financial institutions. The success would be enough to help the entire corporation exceed $1.2 billion in providing financing to companies. The financing provided was done with nearly 700 transactions. EFH UK will continue to grow as long as they continue to show their professionalism.

TJ Maloney and His Experience and Contributions to Lincolnshire Management

New York City-based private equity firm Lincolnshire Management makes their investments in lesser middle-market businesses scattered across an assortment of sectors. Founded in 1986, they approach private equity investment in collaboration with their clients while working from experience and in-depth research.

Lincolnshire Management’s operative is a focused operation with the intention of seeking ways their client’s companies can grow by executing a custom plan to initiate operations and work out any kinks in their systems and process applications.

Lincolnshire Management has performed numerous transactions including their work with AMPORTS, Component InterTechnologies Inc., Credentials Services International, Cybergenics Corp., Kathryn Beich, PADI, Prince Sports, and Transcraft Corp.

 CEO and Chairman TJ Maloney, who joined the company in 1993, has served on the investment committee and remains continuously involved with all of the corporations within the business’s portfolio. In his time at Lincolnshire, Maloney has been on over a dozen boards which include Credentials Services International, Polaris Pool Systems, and Wabash.

Maloney was in the acquisition, merger, and securities law practice before joining Lincolnshire. He was also the chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council and was on the trustee board at Boston College and Fordham University. He has participated as a guest lecturer on law and private equity at a number of universities including the MBA Program at Columbia University

In 2007, Maloney received the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award presented by Fordham Law School to recognize business leaders holding high moral standards. He also served at The Tilton School on the Board of Directors as well as the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the US and the trustee board.

Maloney obtained his bachelor’s degree from Boston College and his Juris Doctor degree from Fordham Law School. Time with family, reading, swimming, and golfing are his favorite pass-times.

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Boraie Development Joins Real Estate Companies Rebuilding Pauline’s Prairie In Atlantic City

600 NoBe is a new apartment complex in Atlantic City that was built and is managed by Boraie Development. It was built in the area locals call Pauline’s Prairie after Pauline Hill, a former city housing authority director who leveled the area to encourage urban renewal. It is located near the Ocean Casino Resort and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It’s an affordable complex that is attracting law enforcement officers, plumbers, doctors, casino workers, and other blue- and white-collar professionals. Director of Leasing Maritza Busch said that the team at Boraie Development thought it would take 18 months to reach their leasing goal but it was reached in just eight months. In the past, this area was pretty desolate.

The number of plastic bags blowing in the wind often outnumbered the people on the sidewalk. The area is now being built up and soon there will be a supermarket opening. One resident of 600 NoBe described it as almost like a resort. A former police officer, he says that it feels like living in New York City. He couldn’t find a better place to live in Atlantic City, especially given its affordability. Other residents said they feel like it’s a safe neighborhood to go out for a walk in during the day. One of the first tenants was a music producer who moved in January 2019. He liked that it’s close to the ocean and the retail stores in the neighborhood. What sealed the deal for him was nearby Tanger Outlets The Walk.