Why Raffaele Riva is a Leading Angel Investor

From a recent one on one with Riva, New York leading angel investor, there were some striking facts we were able to pick;

He has been in the game of investment for over a decade. He operates from New York and London.

On top of the list, day to day habit is he is an early riser. Seven days a week he is up at 5 am and starts working at a coffee shop. It’s worth noting that in London it is already 10 am. He can do a quick catch up on the agenda of the meetings.

Practicing meditation both for personal and business reason is his second habit. It’s his secret way of relieving stress and increasing productivity. He is also a meticulous planner of his activities on a day to day basis. Riva also applauds Gust. He can connect with entrepreneurs and manage investment program through the program. On top he never forgets even in a minute, there is a possibility of high risk.


Raffaele Riva is driven by helping others and seeing the dreams of entrepreneurs become a reality. One thing he clearly outlines is his choice of business. He loves working with startups that plan to scale quickly. The company should be ready to grow and exist in high value. Secondly, the involvement of an investor should be a priority. Lastly, he believes the founder should be aware of the whole procession of investment and have a five-year plan for the business.

As usual, there are challenges he faces. His main problem is making a smart decision on where to invest. With new investments, there is always a significant risk looming. And finding and striking a balance with no failure is hard.

Lastly, in the future, he is keenly following on the unfolding in digital currencies. Crypto has been able to hold on in Venezuela. His parting shot was two of his all-time books, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow

Ted Bauman establishing prominent advice in the investment field

Ted Bauman since the commencement of the financial exchange we’ve likewise considered unforeseen to be as the market rises quicker and more reliably than anybody could have anticipated. The fact of the matter is that in specific circumstances, a rigid choice is conceivable with greatest clearness. Ted Bauman during any case in different cases, as well as can be expected be done is to assembled the most exact conceivable likelihood of some event. For Ted Bauman this situation, monetary master Ted Bauman predicts an even split between the market proceeding with its ascent and it diving to profound, dim profundity some time sooner rather than later.

Ted Bauman implies that currently isn’t an opportunity to freeze, yet to oversee resources cautiously and circumspectly. It doesn’t mean making no striking moves at all, yet guaranteeing that they’re ensured in case of anything intense that happens inside the market. This is the most secure approach to hold a feeling of fearlessness available without putting yourself or any subsidizes you oversee in a risky circumstance dependent on a coin-hurl possibility of money related emergency.

Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg.com

In the midst of vulnerability, a financial specialist needs to build up a down to earth plan that works during both buyer markets and bear markets. That implies searching out circumstances while likewise ensuring existing resources. Building up a set up plan, one that is autonomous of the market and can guarantee restores regardless of the market’s status, is a time tested technique. Yet, this isn’t just about after impulses it’s about more than that. It’s about steadily investigating and taking a gander at the past to figure out what has prompted genuine achievement, and what hasn’t. It requires mindfulness, both of the market’s history and potential future yet in addition of how the market is carrying on at a given minute including right this minute.

This implies disappointment about past errors available or dread about where the market is going later on won’t change the past. What is important is looking ‘around in mindfulness,’ continually keeping your eyes open to advertise variances and what they mean for what comes straightaway.

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Attorney Todd Levine Is Always Prepared For The Work He Does

Todd Levine has represented a wide variety of people throughout his career as an attorney, but those he represents most often are property managers, brokers, and investors. He also works for buyers and sellers and contractors. He is one of the men who founded Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L., a law practice where he serves as one of the partners. Todd Levine knows a lot about complex situations in law, and he has helped many through their business disputes. Todd Levine attended the University of Florida and Florida Levin College of Law. And he has won awards for the work that he has done as an attorney. He says that no two work days are ever the same, but he is always traveling to one Florida city or another. But, even as he stays busy with his work and is traveling for it, he still stays on top of everything. He always makes sure to meet each of his deadlines because he values his clients. He puts care into the work that he does for them, and he always uses his diagnostic skills to help fight for them. Todd Levine learned the area of law that he wanted to practice early in his career when he was put on a complex case and had to break it down. He discovered his talent for making difficult things easy to understand, and he has been doing great work as a litigation attorney ever since. He says that he always tries to learn a lot about each case and about the law in general so that he can help his clients well. He says that while no two cases are alike, he can still be prepared for them and that always being prepared and having creativity are important traits for an attorney.

Click here for more information https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/33131-fl-todd-levine-1281820.html

Angela Koch: A Unique CEO

The road to being a chief executive officer is usually decorated in degrees in business, economics, supply chain management and finances. The resume of a candidate who is preparing to be a CEO is usually preparing in ways that include working for mega companies and interning under the top mentors. The road to being a chief executive officer causes is narrow and slim.

Many people do not get the opportunities to walk along this road. Many people are not fortunate to be able to call themselves a CEO. Angela Koch took a journey. She did not take this exact journey. She did not take the ideal journey that is expected for future CEO’s. Instead, she took the journey that has now led her to being the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve.

The typical path of a person becoming a CEO sounds nice. But Angela Koch was dealt another hand. She did not earn a fancy degree from one of the top schools. Her resume is instead lined with many odd eng jobs. She does not have prestige running through her veins. But what does run through her veins is hard work and the will to succeed. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and  US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

Working hard and wanting the best for herself has caused her to make history. Being the first female to be the chief executive officer at U.S. Money Reserve is something she earned.

Even people who took the normal path or people who would have statistically had more success than her did not get the role. Angela Koch possesses something incredibly unique about her spirit. For this, she is able to succeed in ways others cannot.

College did not teach her. She was not able to finish college and began working to her support her family. Her education may have not been formal. But this businesswoman is incredibly smart. What did teach the powerful CEO has been working at a number of jobs that gave her different perspectives, a multitude of skills and the ability to learn os much in an atypical way.

U.S. Money Reserve is an Austin, Texas based maker of precious metals. Hundreds of thousands of people do business with the company yearly. They have been in the business for a long time and have garnered a reputable liking from their many customers. The company hopes to be able to get to new heights and remain close with customers under the leadership of Angela Koch.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:


Serge Belamant and the Genius of Blockchain

More often than not, blockchain is considered to be a group of encrypted records. There are various groups with important data with timestamps and other information. Blockchain technology was created for the purpose of making financial services more open as well as providing more precise information and safety for consumers and companies alike. International business transactions come to over $100 trillion annually. Transferring money is quite risky and this is where blockchain comes in. Blockchain and smart contacts, for example, can help the economy on an international scale.

Serge Belamant came up with the foundational idea of blockchain being used to support smart cards. With the smart cards, microprocessors are used that happen to work whether online or not. Serge Belamant, with his upbringing in France and South Africa, prized himself as an honor student doing exceptional work that led him to receive the Victor Ludorum award back in 1971. Once he finished his engineering studies in Witwatersrand, Serge transferred to computer science and applied mathematics. He transitioned to information systems at the University of South Africa but never completed his studies.

Blockchain took a while to get its feet off the ground and in the beginning, the Universal Electronic Payment System from Serge didn’t reach every business. Thankfully, Serge Belamant broke through and succeeded in landing business with Visa back in 1995 when they chose to work with his UEPS. Sure enough, Serge relocated to America in order to finish what he started with the UEPS. The Chip Offline Pre-authorized card or COPAC came to be and while that was being worked on for Visa, Serge fused the FTS and UEPS to fight fraud and such. Cash Payment Services was obtained from the First National Bank of South Africa in 1999 and provided welfare grants. Through this, over a million South African residents would receive welfare grants. Serge Belamant continued to find success with his business, Net1 Technologies which used the UEPS inside the CPS.

News about them : https://news.bitcoin.com/tag/serge-belamant/

Genucel products and a few remedies for harsh winter skin

While climate change and harsh weather have affected numerous parts of our lives gravely, skin issues to remain at the forefront of being the victims. A plethora of problems are brought about by the winter such as dry skin, chapped lips, acne breakouts and etc. the reason behind this is that skin takes a huge beating during winter weather; cold outside forces you to turn up the heat causing moisture evaporation from your surroundings as well as your skin and consequently landing you with a bunch of skin problems; wrinkles, lack of glow and decrease in skin elasticity to name a few. It might require you to put in a conscious effort but there are a few remedies that can help you in keeping your skin fresh and glowing this winter.

  1. Hydrate: Most of our bodily functions depend on water and similarly our skin’s wellness is greatly dependent on it. During the winter, we often forget to drink water and keep up with our body’s requirements but this is a grave crime that we commit against our body and skin. Make sure you drink the recommended standard of 8-9 cups of water daily, regardless of whether you feel thirsty or not.
  1. Based on glassdoor.com, make use of a humidifier: most problems arise when turning up that thermostat sucks up the moisture from your room, causing dryness. Run a humidifier and moisturize the area as well as your skin.
  1. Lay off those acne treatments: Product misuse is one of the biggest mistakes that is made whilst fighting off adult acne. Lay off those hard medicines and opt for gentle cleansers; easy on your wallet and skin.
  1. Treat your skin as if it is aging: Something that most of us are unaware off is that our skin starts to age after we hit mid-twenties. Make sure you follow the anti-aging regimen well before time to keep your skin as fresh and youthful as possible. Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy is one such serum that can get you right on tracks to fight off those early signs of aging.

Harsh weather makes you and your skin cranky and it is not wild to predict that both are correlated. Follow the aforementioned winter rituals and fight off both. To see more about Genucel visit products.org


Africa Should Leverage on Technology and Innovation to Increase Productivity and Lower Production Costs

Everybody knows that technology is playing a significant role in the growth and development of various countries around the world. The emerging economies of Singapore, Malaysia, and China can attribute their emergence to global scale to technology. According to Isabel dos Santos, technology is the most significant missing puzzle that is preventing Africa from kicking off and dominating the world. As an experienced entrepreneur, Isabel notes that technology does not only help businesses but also play a vital role in assisting countries. One of the significant benefits of technology is increasing production capacity. Most of the companies that want to increase their production capacity have to incorporate technology. However, African countries have not incorporated technology in most of the companies.

This has resulted in a significant reduction in the range of goods produced. Low production capacity has two huge impacts on a country. Low production leads to over-dependence on other countries. This explains why African countries are always looking for products from China and the United States to bridge the existing gap. This means that a considerable amount of money is used in buying goods that could have been locally produced. It is essential to highlight that excessive importation of various goods and services leads to an imbalanced balance of payment. This explains why most of the African countries have an imbalance balance of trade when compared to western states. Isabel dos Santos highlights that technology is a useful tool for lowering the cost of producing goods and services.

There is documented information that shows technology incorporation lowers the cost of production by more than 50%. Instead of leveraging on the current technology to lower production costs, most of the companies in Africa continue to use obsolete technology. This has led to the increased cost of goods produced locally. Isabel dos says that expensive local goods don’t attract customers and can easily be substituted by imported products which are of high quality and affordable. Expensive local goods have allowed imported goods to thrive locally and displace locally produced goods from the stores. Isabel dos Santos continues to indicate that locally produced products are expensive and cannot trade in the international market. Click here.

Gino Pozzo Aims At Another Football Franchise Success With Watford

Raised in the family of football fans, Gino Pozzo has been involved with the sport in the majority of his life. The football enthusiast is currently the owner of the Watford FC franchise, as a part of his goal to get underdog teams in the top of the league. Pozzo is known for reviving teams and making successful comebacks.

The first team that Gino Pozzo was exposed to was the Udinese Calcio, which is a club owned by his father, Giampaolo Pozzo. Gianpaolo led the team for three seasons, and within his leadership, the Udinese Calcio rose in the ranks of the Champions League. Gianpaolo passed the torch to Gino, which now runs the Udinese Calcio club since 1993.

Gino Pozzo moved to the United States when he was 18 in order to take his education at Harvard Unversity. While he was there, Pozzo met his wife. He and his Catalan wife decided to relocate in Spain and lived there for 20 years in order for Gino to focus on his other team, the Granada F.C.In 2013, Pozzo and his family moved to London in order for him to focus on his new team, the Watford FC.

With Watford and Udinese Calcio under his leadership, he decided to let go of Granada F.C. in order to focus on his long-term plans. Pozzo sold the majority of his Granada F.C. sales. According to him, Watford has the best potential in English football. For him, English football is a completely different experience.

Under Gino Pozzo’s leadership, Watford was able to bounce back and managed to find leverage in the Premier League. The team managed to reach the Fourth Division just four years after the acquisition. One of the secrets to this success is the scout-driven approach which Pozzo uses to find the best players in the team.

A Factory Owner’s Honest Review Of Agera Energy

As a leader in the utility service industry, Agera Energy understands the importance of customer care. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

The company was established in Briarcliff, New York; but has grown all over the United States. Agera offers their customers with cheaper rates than traditional electric companies. There has been many satisfied reviews on the service that Agera Energy provides. Read more about Agera Energy at crunchbase.com.

One pleased customer was factory owner, Stephen Kowalski. He admired the fact that the Agera Energy put their money where their mouth was. The company owner mentions having bad experiences with other utility organizations. Stephen also mentioned in his review that he didn’t feel like he was being trapped by signing an agreement.

View: https://masspowerchoice.com/cambridge


All About James River Capital and Paul Saunders

James River Capital is an investment firm that was started by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt. The firm is based out of Richmond, Virginia and focuses on things like fixed income strategies, corporate credit, managed futures trading, and much more. James River Capital works with individuals and businesses to help find the right investment strategy for them.


Paul Saunders has been very successful in running James River Capital. Since he has been so successful he wants to give back to others that are trying to become entrepreneurs. He knows a lot about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and he wants to see others succeed at starting their own businesses.


Paul Saunders knows a lot of tricks to become a successful entrepreneur thanks to his work with James River Capital. Finding the funds you need to start your business is the first thing that you may have trouble with. There are many different ways you can go about getting the funds that you need but some of the best way to include bootstrapping which means you borrow from friends or family and pay them back later, crowdfunding is a way of starting fundraisers to raise the money that you need, getting a loan for your business, or finding an investor that is willing to put the money in for your business idea. 


James River Capital is a very successful investment business that is going to continue to grow as the years go by. They’re going to continue receiving new clients every day. Paul Saunders is going to continue to see a lot of success thanks to James River Capital. He has big dreams for the future and he will not stop until he reaches them. 


Paul Saunders is not afraid to reach for his dreams and fight for what he wants. He accepts challenges on a daily basis and does whatever it takes to overcome them. Paul Saunders has taken James River Capital from the bottom to the top and he is going to continue to help them advance for many years to come. There is no telling where the future is going to take the two of them. Learn more: https://twitter.com/jamesriver_cc