RealReal: The blueprint of a successful Fashion e-commerce

Everyone has their taste when it comes to fashion. Thus, it is not a surprise that there are those who are so passionate about second-hand items. If you are one of them, then you should find your way to The RealReal. The online retailer is quickly becoming a top-notch e-commerce platform. It competes with the likes of ThredUp, which is also very prominent in the fashion industry.

The RealReal has expanded its operations from being just a brick-and-mortar footprint.

The demand for second-hand luxury items is increasing by the day. The San Francisco based company is seeking to fulfill this demand by continually adding its luxury consignment offices. There are eight operational centers from where customers receive free valuations on luxury items.

The company offers an authenticated process to its customers. This includes weeding out fake items from thousands. On several occasions, it will hold internal “Find the Fake” contests, which enable authenticators to pick out indicators of counterfeit goods. The ‘no-fake policy’ is one of the many anchors behind the company’s rapid growth.

The RealReal is not just any other online marketplace. It has personalized its services to the point where drivers pick items for consignment from the customer’s home. Most of its items will sell within 30 days of online placement. This is an additional reason why their clients are rising rapidly. It is giving its customers and resellers a redefined and hustle free way of shopping.

The founder of The RealReal, Julie Wainwright, confirms that they are likely to go public. This means it would appear in the 2020 initial public offering. To date, it has sold close to $70 million in new shares. Nonetheless, it aims to reach a valuation of $1.06 billion.

The question is, will The RealReal keep up with the pace of other high-profile companies such as Glossier and Rent the Runway? They too have $1.2 billion and $1 billion valuation respectively.

Flying High on Mobile Tech: Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is a man who found his niche and made it take off. he is a young man with a bright future ahead of him. He came to the United States when he was young and wanted to make something of himself. He was determined to succeed in his chosen profession. He went to the University of Florida and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance. This was the stepping stone that he needed in order to make a successful living. Now he had to make it out on his own.

Sergey Petrossov worked at a company called Live Contact. He worked there for a few years and then felt the urge to try his own luck. He saw his chance when he figured out that people needed private jets in order to get around quickly. This gave birth to his company JetSmarter in 2016. This company makes booking flights for high-end consumers nice and easy. The reason he created the company was to do just that. People can book flights on their mobile devices making things much easier for potential clients. This was the opportunity that Sergey Petrossov was waiting for.

Now JetSmarter has an app that clients can use anytime to get a quick flight from here to there. The team that surrounds Sergey Petrossov helped come up with the idea for the app and it has taken off. He has become one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in recent years.

Sergey Petrossov credits the team and his own ingenuity to help him get where he is today. He has worked hard to get where he is. Hard work can pay off and Sergey Petrossov is solid proof of that principle. He has earned his place in modern business. He has many years ahead of him.

The Admirable Tech Business Career of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is among the business personalities that many upcoming businesspersons look upon as they enter the various industries. His career motivates many people because of his unmatched leadership skills. Greg Blatt has built a brand in heading three renowned online dating companies in top positions. Besides, he worked in the law industry as a senior counsel for a couple of years. Not many people can serve different companies and industries in different portfolios like Greg Blatt.

His tenure at Tinder, Match Group, and IAC saw the companies increase their subscribers overwhelmingly. Besides, the three became among the top dating companies globally, Greg Blatt serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of IAC. Before taking over the company’s leadership in 2010, Blatt worked as the company’s General Counsel and Vice President (Ideamensch).

Additionally, he sat in the Chairman’s office as a member. Greg served IAC in the mentioned positions between 2003 and 2009. His role was to manage the company’s legal, communication, and human resources departments. Before taking over the leadership of IAC, Greg Blatt was the CEO of Match Group where he oversaw the operations of,, Singlesnet, and People Media. His other primary role was to manage the Group’s Investments.

Another firm that benefited through the professional management skills of Greg Blatt was Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Greg was the company’s General Counsel and Executive Deputy to the President of Business Affairs. On top of that, he executed his secretarial duties in overseeing the company’s transactional and legal matters.

During his career, Greg Blatt also worked in the judiciary for Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, as well as Grubman Indursky & Schindler. The law firms enjoyed J.D. holder’s mastery of law acquired from the Law School of Columbia. The experience from the two New York law companies helped Greg after discarding law for business.

Gregg’s ability to study law and business helps him to execute his managerial career. The Bachelor of Arts graduate from Colgate University is a living testimony that law and business go together. Business leadership deserves professionals like Greg that possess the discipline required to succeed. Studying law entails a high degree of training; a primary factor that Blatt admits led to his success.

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Isabel do Santos: Africa’s Wonderwoman

Isabel dos Santos is a woman of many talents. She has been an entrepreneur for most of her life, working in a broad range of different fields and industries, including the fields of education, entertainment, technology, finance, energy, and telecommunications (Premiergazette).

Each experience gave Santos a unique knowledge of the industry in which she was active. Her special talents quickly made her the leader in virtually every field. this business mogul has oftentimes been a founder of the companies she caused to thrive.  Isbel dos Santos began her formal education at Cobham hall Afterward she went ont to attend King’s College. This London-based institution of higher learning, afforded her a solid training in electrical engineering. These studies enhanced her understanding of science and technological development.

Isabel dos Santos has succeeded in every business she has put her hand to, not only on her native continent of Africa, but in many other areas around the world. Her success has not come easy, nor was she merely fortunate to come from a privileged background. Though her father is the former president of Angola, Santos has worked hard to get to where she is. She has been the engine behind every great success in the industries she worked. As she became more experienced with each progress, she has used those experiences to create a solid portfolio, in which she relied on her financial wizardry, technological savvy and international clout.

UNITEL is the largest telecommunications corporation in the Angola. This giant is on the cutting edge of telecommunications technology. Isabel dos Santos has been the mover and shaker behind the company’s success. Through her leadership, the company has thrived, not only in Angola, but has become a force in the world because of it’s connection to other successful companies. due to its association with large-scale organizations of all kinds.

Isabel dos Santos is a genius at using her prior knowledge and skill set, to continue advancement in whatever current business she is running. the future is very bright for Isabel dos Santos. With her status as the Africa’s richest woman, she has the ability to influence not only the continent, but the world itself.

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New Flavors of EOS Lip Balms

EOS Lip Balm is launching something new to the public. They’re coming out with hemp oil lip balms. The new flavors of hemp seed oil lip balms are set to be named baked brownie and happy herb. Both are fitting names for the hemp seed oil infused products. The hemp seed oil in the lip balms is believed to have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing abilities and that’s just what reviewers of the new products are saying in their glowing reviews about the latest from EOS Lip Balm.

The product flavors are a bit more than just herbal and brownie flavored. The happy herb lip balm has a pina colada like flavor. The baked brownie tastes like brownie mixed with coconut. Both flavors are set to be especially healing and moisturizing thanks to the hemp seed oil in the product.

Here’s a little FYI about the hemp seed oil EOS: the company is only making a smaller scale amount of the products. They’re doing this to quickly get them on sale and to avoid the cost and time of mass producing them. If you hurry up to get them, you should be able to secure the new flavors. But be mindful that the limited edition products won’t be available for that long once they sell out.

Luke Lazarus: Laying the Foundation of a Successful Business

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus has created a successful career business consulting career spanning two decades. So, what exactly sets Luke Lazarus apart from other business consultants? Luke Lazarus brings in a unique and effective set of strategies that provide small and large business owners the tools to create an effective business plan that will mitigate healthy growth.

Luke Lazarus holds an MBA from the Melbourne School of Business and has built and sold four businesses throughout his career. We recently sat down with Mr. Lazarus to learn a little more about one of Australia’s most innovative and successful business consultants.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

Luke Lazarus states that many of his mornings will begin with a 10 to 15 minute meditation period. This allows him to distress before the day’s events. Afterward, Luke Lazarus will begin his day multitasking throughout the day.

This includes walking his dog, checking on emails and communicating with his clients. As for productivity, Luke Lazarus explains that because of his hectic workday, much of the information he gathers throughout the day is written down. These notes are then reviewed the next morning when he can then adjust what he does for the rest of his day.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Having a product or service synonymous with a story is critical to any size business, says Luke Lazarus. He explains that formulating a story to be connected to a business is the first layer of a strong foundation. After a story has been created, a business owner can now search for their corner of the market and make it their own. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

What is one failure you’ve had as an entrepreneur?

Mr.Lazarus recalls a time when he and a childhood friend of his were eager to build their own business. The drive and passion were there; however according to Mr.Lazarus, when talks about the details about the direction of the company began, the project was abandoned. Although he has nothing against his friend or partnerships for that matter, he does advice young entrepreneurs to go over the specifics first before any funds or resources are included.

What is one business idea that you can provide the readers with?

Mr.Lazarus explains that he sees a lot of potential in the healthcare industry, specifically in the inclusion of modern services into the healthcare field. UBER for doctors or making prescriptions less expensive are a few of the ideas that Mr.Lazarus presented to us. He concludes that he truly hopes that someone takes this idea and does something great with it.

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Some Outstanding Tips on Building a Strong Business Empire

Flavio Maluf was born and brought up in a business family. He got exposure in the business world at an early stage. Maluf’s parents had built a brand in the business, but he decided to build his own. His expertise in entrepreneurship and determination are out of this world. Flavio created a business empire from scratch and made a name for himself.

Maluf opted not to pursue his career in mechanical engineering, but follow his family’s business. The two decades’ expertise in the industry makes him one of the reputable businesspersons of all times. According to Flavio Maluf, many people think that building a business empire because of the family’s wealth is an easy task.

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Additionally, there are those thinking that since you are the owner, you would sit around as people work for them. He cautions people to dedicate their time and energy to the business since all the management looks upon them. The other issue Flavio Maluf insists on is capital. He notes that there is no little or huge capital required starting a business.

What matters most is the way to execute the ideas at hand. Some businesses start with a massive amount of capital and perish. Others grow from scratch to huge ventures depending on the management and execution of ideas. He admits that success in the business industry requires one to work smart but not hard. Besides working as the President of Grand food, Maluf also works as the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex.

The company got its name from the eucalyptus tree that happens to be the primary source of its raw materials. Eucatex has made a name for itself in providing building materials for almost seven decades. Some of the products in its portfolio include paints, baseboards, furniture, panels, doors, and vinyl floors. The company produces toys made of the same materials. The Sao Paulo Company targets the market beyond Brazil since it provides high-quality products. For more information about Maluf, view:

Rocketship Education(R) An Innovative Approach to Teaching

Affordable and Reliable

Parents seeking a private school for their children often run into difficulty seeking an option that is both affordable and reliable. For parents who want to give their child the best educational opportunities, Rocketship Education(R) offers a educational environment specifically modeled for your child. With a contemporary method of teaching,Rocketship Education(R) strives to engage with children through a use of teacher-led activities combined with technology.

Convenient Locations Near You

Rocketship Education(R) has a charter school system with locations in the San Jose Bay Area, Milwaukee, WI, Nashville, TN, and Washington D.C. Committed to equity and excellence, Rocketship aims to bridge the achievement gap for students located in lower-income areas. Using talent development and personalized training, the school’s objective is to encourage each pupil to realize their fullest potential.

Unique Learning Methods

Unlike the conventional charter school syllabus, Rocketship Education(R) is an independent organization establishing its own learning techniques, programs, and foundation values. Rocketship functions hand in hand with parents to establish a training atmosphere that motivates children to thrive and flourish. With parents engaged in the learning model, an accountability for the role that each party plays in the student’s academic success begins and ends at home on a constant basis. This approach makes for a unique training method, specially crafted for each individual student.

Innovative teaching methods such as the use of technology, working in small groups, and working one-on-one with children have proven successful at helping children to excel. To ensure that each pupil receives the most effective style of training, Rocketship analyzes data streams to measure the optimization of educational practices. Rocketship Education seeks to influence children to us their imagination to explore the environment around them for academic growth.

Why Rocketship Education(R) Works

Rocketship Education’s attention on providing a training environment from a concept that links the whole-person and whole-community makes its learning model relevant to each child’s special needs. This innovative approach bridges the learning gap that prevails in low-income communities by suggesting a model that incorporates each child’s home environment in the educational process.

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Dr. Jennifer Offers Some Insight On Laser Hair Removal Solutions

Jennifer Walden is in charge of Skintology MedSpa. She works closely with the staff to ensure that people can access various treatment options for their needs. In most cases, women usually want to get rid of the hair that is around their legs, upper lip, underarms, and chin. As for the men, they always want to get rid of the hair that is present on their backs and chests. Each of the patients’ needs an effective solution to get rid of this hair. The professionals at Skintology MedSpa will suggest laser hair removal.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden and Laser Hair Removal

Laser energy is used in different areas of medicine. Researchers also realized that it could be used to get rid of unwanted hair. It is a viable option for people who are looking for alternative hair removal techniques. People were used to shaving, waxing, or the application of depilatory creams. The laser hair removal technique can also be used by both genders. It can be used to reduce or eliminate the hair in different areas. Laser hair removal usually targets the hair follicles that are in their growth phase. The follicles are broken down, and there will be no hair reproduction in the targeted areas.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, laser hair removal involves undergoing treatment sessions in intervals. Eventually, the patient will notice that the hair in the targeted region is decreasing gradually. At the end of the treatment session, the patient will be fully treated, and they will be hair-free regardless of whether the targeted area was the back or chest in men. Initially, people with light skin and dark hair were the only ones who qualified for laser hair removal. Technological advancements later came into play, and people could undergo the procedure regardless of the color of their skin or hair. Dr. Jennifer Walden and her team at Skintology MedSpa are always ready to be of service to any interested individuals. As the Managing Director, Dr. Walden is a certified plastic surgeon. Currently, she resides in Texas. She is also board-certified. Dr. Walden has also gained fame by advocating for women’s empowerment and health.

Reasons to Use Hyland’s Teething Tablets

There is a reason so many parents have put their trust into the Hyland’s brand. This company has been around for over a century and is one of the leading homeopathic companies in the country. Millions have used the products they create for the entire family and this is the reason so many parents choose Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are easy to dissolve on the tongue and are ideal for babies as young as one month old. These products can also be found in virtually any local pharmacy that is in your area or you can purchase them directly on the internet.

The reason so many have chosen to purchase Hyland’s Teething Tablets for their babies is because they work well. They help to relieve the pain and discomfort that your baby is in, which results in more restful nights for both baby and the parents. Plus, the price point for the Hyland’s Teething Tablets are quite affordable and can fit into virtually any budget that you’re able to afford. By having this option, you are able to easily and quickly help your baby without resorting to gels and other products that may or may not work. Plus, because these Hyland’s Teething Tablets use homeopathic ingredients, you can feel good about what is being used and what you can expect out of utilizing them.

With the vast majority of oral pain relief products on the market, it is often difficult to find one that you feel confident using on your teething baby. For this reason, Hyland’s Teething Tablets is there to make life easier and to provide you with a solution to a problem you might have been struggling with for years. Be sure to look at online reviews regarding Hyland’s Teething Tablets to see just why these products are so popular and why a lot of people have put their trust into the brand since it was launched so long ago. You can also visit the Hyland’s site if you would like more information about what they are able to do for you and the products they sell.

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