James River Capital CEO Paul Saunders Lists Different Financing Options That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Pursue

Aspiring entrepreneurs are often tasked with trying to find the necessary funding to start their business. Luckily, there are multiple funding options available for aspiring entrepreneurs. James River Capital Corporation Chief Executive Officer Paul Saunders has several tips for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking financing to start their business. Here is a look at some funding strategies that can help your business start off on the right track.




Crowdfunding involves a group of people donating money to show support for something. Those who donate do not expect to be paid back for contributing their support. If you choose to raise money through crowdfunding, you’ll have to develop a good marketing plan. Try to develop a strong social media following so that your followers can help raise awareness concerning your business.


Business Loans


There are several types of business loans available for entrepreneurs. Bank loans have low interest rates, however, you must go through a lengthy approval process. Small Business Administration loans are a little more expensive than bank loans, however the approval process is not as tough. Regardless of which loan you choose, you must have good credit in order to secure the best loan possible. If you have a poor credit score, inquire about equipment financing. You’ll receive financing to cover the costs that your business needs and then you can pay back the loan through fixed payments every month.




Bootstrapping involves you funding your business by using your own money or relying on your friends and family for assistance. Bootstrapping should help you cover most of your initial costs. By putting your own money into the business, you may attract investors because they’ll see that you have real stakes tied to the business. Your business will also gain credibility.


Using Equity


You may be able to trade stock in your business for investor capital. This allows you to gain income so that you can pay back your creditors without accumulating more debt. You’ll have to decide if you are comfortable giving up some ownership and control in your business. You can also offer a service in exchange for capital.


Look Locally


Inquire about local funding as well. Head to your local Chamber of Commerce and find out more information. Research your local business center, so that you can network with other entrepreneurs and investors.


About Paul Saunders


Paul Saunders is The Chief Executive Officer of James River Capital Corporation. Saunders has had a successful career in the investment banking industry. Saunders previously served as The Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds at Kidder.


About James River Capital


James River Capital Corporation is an independent investment firm. James River Capital Corporation focuses on helping investors with topics such as equity strategies, global macroeconomics, and asset backed securities. Learn more: https://patch.com/virginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout

The impact that Matt Badiali is making in people’s lives through investment ideas

The career path of Matt Badiali has been characterised with different types of challenges. During his university years, he attended Penn State University to study for the B.S in earth science. Then, he joined Florida University where he gained his Master of Science in geology. Education was something that Matt was always excited about, so after he finished his master, he continued. The Ph.D. that he owns he gained it from the North Carolina University that took him five years. It was not until 2004 that he was introduced to finance by a friend.

The friend had studied finance, and he held a Ph.D., and the help of Matt Badiali is all he needed. He knew that Matt would be of help so much in the plan he had to help the ordinary person with the way that they would invest. The knowledge that Matt had in science and geology would be of great assistance in the investment advises he was planning to share. Matt Badiali decided to accept the offer with his father in mind. Because he had watched the struggles, the father was going through to ensure that he has a successful investing. He knew that the knowledge and unique blend of education would be of help to the people.

Since then, the idea of helping people has been his drive. He assists the investors to come up with best investments plans in natural resources, metals, and energy. The readers that have made use of the materials shared have been able to gain high double-digit and triple-digit.

In 2017, that’s when he joined Banyan Hill in launching his newsletter. From then he has been able to build a network of loyal readers that are always ready to read what Matt Badiali has to say. One thing about Matt Badiali is the approach that he has the in dealing with anything that’s handed to him. If there is an expert that he needs to speak to he will travel to get the required information.

OSI Group president McDonald’s burger factory

McDonald’s hamburgers are made with no preservatives, but they can last for long without rotting. OSI group was to this company to supply McDonald’s hamburgers. Burgers are first food. People may wonder how it can go for that long. David Whipple went ahead to experiment how possible that could be. He kept the burgers for fourteen years that is for, 1999 and showed the burger in the year 2013. Surprisingly, they were the same as they were fourteen years down the line. According to McDonald, many of his burgers do not have any preservatives.

Many people still believe that the burgers are pumped with preservatives. Business Insider, therefore, toured McDonald’s factory that is in Günzburg, Germany to see how they make their burgers. What they saw impressed them. The company hygiene of the company was recommendable.

The employees can only work if they do not have a stomach bug. Those who had stomach bug go through a doctor examination so that the cause can be investigated. The primary purpose of doing this is to make sure the meat used will have no virus and bacteria. The meat used is not preserved using preservatives. The company has a strict quality requirement of the meet that is used.

The factory does not allow anyone with jewelry. Plastic pens are also out of bounce. One is required to wash their hands thoroughly before they can get in. They are also supposed to put protective clothes to avoid contamination.

The meat is first checked to ensure there are no bones in it. After which the process of making burgers begin. The meat is put in a container that weighs approximately 500 kilograms after which they are minced to look like spaghetti. They are then taken to another machine that will sharpen them into patties. This has increased the production made by the company meaning that the OSI Group could change its model of earning. The machine that is used is icy and it rolls about five million hamburgers in a day. Few burgers are tested, and if they are okay, they are frozen into plastic bags and then they are boxed. The boxes indicate when the burgers were made as well as where they were made.


Article Title: The Career of Serge Belamant

Article Text:

Serge Belamant is a famous entrepreneur is a major patent holder of numerous blockchain technologies. He has spent most of his career as an applications and software developer which allowed him to develop many of the blockchain technologies that he currently owns. Belamant has also created a number of cryptocurrencies during his career as well. With his innovation, Serge as been able to make it easier for banks and governments to efficiently process transactions such as deposits, investments, and withdrawals. Read more on https://bhekisisa.org/tag/serge-belamant

While he is originally from France, Serge Belamant moved to South Africa during his teenage years. When Serge Belamant moved to South Africa, he learned how to speak English. During his teenage years, Serge attended The Highlands North High School for Boys and excelled as both a students and an athlete. He was a standout performer in chess and rugby. In 1972, he was named as Head Perfect along with being awarded full colours in Rugby. Beleamant was also given a university exemption pass due to his achievements at the high school level.

After graduating from high school, Serge Belamant, he began working at a company called Matrix which specialized in civil engineering. While he was working at Matrix, Serge worked on a number of small to medium sized IBM computers. When he worked on IBM computers, he was involved in using finite element analysis software which he used to create a number of special applications. This included measuring the water levels in South African dams. With the applications he developed, users could also predict the future droughts as well. During his stint at Matrix, Belamant was also involved in developing computer models for projects associated with The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. His work was very innovative and helped create the advancements in things such as statistical methods, digital mapping and new graphic interfaces.

With a number of years in the computer technology field, Serge Belamant moved on to pursue entrepreneurship. He founded a company called Nat1 technologies. This company was the first to invent the Chip Offline Pre Authorized Card. This allowed banks to provide customers with chips that can complete transactions. Over the years, his company became a leading entity in the financial services industry. In 2017, Serge co founded a company called Zilch Technology Limited with his son Philip. Visit blockpitch.org

End Of Article

Stream Energy and Its Philanthropic Efforts

As a credible provider of retail energy, wellness, and protective solutions, Stream Energy doesn’t need any introduction. This especially holds true to those who are from its home state of Texas, or those who have availed the firm’s services in the East Coast.

But that distinction isn’t limited by the individuals in those geographical areas, since Stream Energy has ensured to establish its traction in other states all over the U.S.

From Maine to Pennsylvania, and from Illinois to Ohio, the energy firm has been able to serve its customers with the utmost focus on its quality. With that, it has also ensured to cater to the communities that it serves.

With this in mind, Stream Energy has taken quite a few steps towards giving back to the community where it has its physical offices, as well as international locations where people could do with some much deserved help.

While the organization had been focused on providing these services through its central operations for a few years, it reached a point where it could easily afford a separate arm that could take care of its philanthropic efforts.

That was how Stream Cares was born.

Launched in 2016, Stream Cares has been integral to the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey, while also contributing to other causes that could help local communities.

These contributions, which are driven through fundraising and direct funding among other activities, have helped communities on a national and international scale alike. All in all, the initiative has ensured that it contributes towards the improvement of communal infrastructure through different activities and programs while working towards the same level of betterment.

Thanks to Stream Energy, Stream Cares has the level of influence and power that doesn’t come easy without years of hard work. Given that Stream Energy has already put in the work required, Stream Cares builds upon the traction its parent organization has gained so far and uses it to supplement its own philanthropic and supplemental activities.

With these initiatives, Stream Energy has been able to make its mark as one of those corporations that are not focused on making as much amount of money as possible, but which want their serviced areas to benefit from their presence.


HGGC Has Greatly Added Great Depth To Its Current Team In The Wake Of A Major New Investment

Founded in 2007 and based out of the San Francisco Bay Area municipality of Palo Alto, California, HGGC has built up one of the most impressive portfolios in today’s private equity market. The success of the company has seen HGGC build up a portfolio of companies that currently employe more than 60 thousand employees across the globe. HGGC has cultivated success over the course of its existence through engaging in platform investments as well as liquidity events, acquisitions in the add-on area and recapitalizations. This has led to the privately held private equity firm attaining a level of success that is truly impressive. The company has recently seen a massive amount of added activity and this has led to the need for some major promotions. HGGC recently made some major announcements in terms of its leadership team.

In a recent move in regard to its leadership team, HGGC has just announced that ten members of the team are being promoted while the company has also brought in five more highly qualified individuals. This move follows a major strategic investment on the part of the private equity firm. The strategic investment in question came from a company known as Dyal Capital Partners. With this major new investment, the move has been made to reward the major contributions made by members of the current team and it has also allowed for an overall enhancement of an already highly talented team. This is great news as the plans are to continue to aggressively build the portfolio further.

Among these new promotions and hires, there are five members of the HGGC team that have been elevated to partner status. These individuals are Steven Leistner, Les Brown, Harv Barenz, John Block and Lance Taylor. Company co-founder and President Steve Young have commented on the fact that both himself and fellow co-founder and CEO Rich Lawson are very proud of the work that these individuals have put in. He expresses the fact that they are both very happy to be able to recognize these highly talented individuals for the diligent work that they have done.


Why Material Calendar Things in Press Release Distribution

It could be hard for the brand to remain updated and keep on top of your articles advertising campaigns. But with one, important tool known as content calendar, you can program and distribute your advertising campaign and plot the particular dates when to implement them.

What’s a content calendar?

It’s a calendar which contains precisely what and when to implement articles advertising campaigns. It aids in organizing and planning any upcoming occasion. Also referred to an editorial calendar, it’s utilized to organize content resources, like sites, websites, media releases, and social websites.

Know the significant reasons Why You Need to have a content calendar to your brand:


  1. To optimize chances.

If you plan your editorial calendar for a calendar year, you receive a crystal clear comprehension of what is coming in the upcoming few weeks. It includes a content strategy for the subsequent 12 months.

Why is this significant? As an example, if you’re going to sponsor a trade show about your merchandise, it’s well worth preparing a media release before the regular event. It’s possible to tweet it or compose a material announcing the transaction show to market more viewers and notify your neighborhood.

When more people are conscious of your occasions through your releases, you can benefit from chances. Being aware of what date to organize your articles can help you know your viewers better.

For example, your previous campaigns revealed that writing sites about your business performs high throughout June and July. From this information, you can plan your sites around this time to optimize effects.

  1. You can achieve a broader audience.

It’s more difficult to envision the larger image if you merely see part by the portion of your content advertising campaigns. But whenever you’ve got a content calendar, you find every detail and which sort of content appeals to your intended audience.

For example, using a calendar, then you can reach unique sections of your audience if you intend several kinds of content. This makes your advertising more successful.

  1. Improves goal planning

Brands produce content based on their objectives. Possessing a calendar helps manufacturers to function with the aim in their thoughts. It makes planning easier since you know that you are generating content campaigns which will target your objectives.

  1. Plane the ideal tools which you want.

Besides plotting your articles programs on the calendar, you’re ready to evaluate what tools you want to achieve your objectives. As an example, you might require a Cision database to look for your intended media. You might even plan for the supply business to distribute your press release service.

As an example, you do not need to rush searching for copywriters to your white paper or webinars. If you want pictures, you can employ a business or a freelance photographer to take professional photographs which you will need to your site or releases.

  1. You understand the most crucial dates.

Planning the supply of your articles, mainly press releases are significant. Whether there are vacations, ensure you’re not publishing your information on precisely the same day.

It is the worst time to discharge your narrative because most journalists and books are occupied covering stories about the vacations.

  1. Improves collaboration.

A calendar keeps your staff upgraded, and it is a substantial factor for cooperation. It’s an authoritative and helpful source that educates your team about what to anticipate in the forthcoming months.

Whenever your articles calendar is created using Google or Excel spreadsheet, everybody in the team will collaborate. It enhances cooperation and improves outcomes.

  1. Saves time.

Using a calendar, the whole group enhances the overall efficacy. Planning makes sure that everything is going to be ready in time. You understand when is your time to write sites, when to disperse releases or if to make webinars that make campaigns more effective.

It prevents unexpected events, such as Injuries or being unprepared. Whenever there’s efficacy, it will help enhance the outcomes of campaigns.

If you plan your articles, you know what kinds of materials are best to be successful in your items advertising. It provides brands an apparent arrangement of content actions, when is the ideal time to run them and precisely what content pique the attention of your target viewers.

Mark Holyoake On Success And Vision

Mark Holyoake is an entrepreneur and financier who owns and runs Oakvest Holdings, which focuses on real estate and equity deals. Since earning a business degree in 1995, he has been at the helm of multiple successful financial ventures and has extensive experience in the international seafood industry.

As far as time management is concerned, he finds that the early morning hours are the best time for him to concentrate, and this is when he responds to emails and reads documents. Interestingly, a number of his close business associates have the same habit.

When it comes to making vision reality, he believes that it’s essential for everyone involved to buy into whatever a proposal is for it to succeed. A team player, he is all about communicating with colleagues and not going out on his own without support. By nature, he is very social, and he often gets business ideas simply by talking with the people he encounters in his daily life. Although he is highly successful, he makes sure he spends time with his family because he believes in balance.

Mark Holyoake notes that people are living longer and longer all over the world as a result of better healthcare and habits, and, as an entrepreneur within the food industry, he is excited about the new business opportunities this trend is bringing. Always looking ahead, he is intrigued by the anticipated changes in population demographics over the next few decades and by what they will mean to industry.

About Mark Holyoake: about.me/markholyoake

How Serge Belamant built a brand in Technology

Serge Belamant discovered blockchain technologies. The French computer scientist is among the prominent personalities in the technology industry. The cryptocurrencies emanated from Serge’s technological innovations. The banks, governments, and the private sectors are the primary beneficiaries of his efforts. They benefit from fast and secure payment deposits and withdrawals.

Born in 1953, Serge Belamant moved to South Africa at the age 14 as his father searched for greener pastures of his tiling job. Belamant first learned English language writing and reading skills. Highlands North Boys’ High School located in Johannesburg was his next destination on the educational journey.

He earned a reputation in school both in academic and sports portfolios. He was a renowned rugby play and a house captain for the bridge and science clubs beginning 1970. In 1971, Serge Belamant won the Victor Ludorum award and became the head prefect the year after. Belamant‘s expertise in sports saw him represent the school in South African Chess School Championships held in 1972. Southern Transvaal finished in the sixth position.

In 1972, Serge Belamant graduated from high school and joined the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg. He studied engineering in the first year before switching to computer sciences together with applied mathematics in the second year. He relocated to UNISA, the University of South Africa in his third year to pursue information systems. He opted to make a debut in the working career instead of finishing his university studies first at a tender age of 22.

Belamant secured a job at Matrix engineering company. His duty was to analyze data on the IBM and Cyber computers. Serge developed software of analyzing water levels in dams across South Africa. The results helped in predicting drought and planning. His expertise in developing computer models for the organization’s project did not disappoint. He would oversee the Witwatersrand and Vereeniging project in Pretoria specialized road planning. Throughout his career, Serge Belamant has developed various innovations and worked in different companies. The most remarkable achievement came through his Net1 technologies. He established the chip-based debit and credit card system in Visa cards that enhanced banking systems.

Read more: https://bhekisisa.org/tag/serge-belamant


Isabel dos Santos: Entrepreneur, Leader, and Philanthropist

Isabel dos Santos is one of the women who have impacted significantly in the global business arena in significant proportions. She utilized her good background as the daughter of the former Angolan president to get a good education and jumpstart her way into the world of business. Isabel was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the richest women in Africa, with a net worth of more than $2 billion.

Background and Education

Isabel dos Santos was privileged to come from a family where a high premium was placed on education and other virtues such as honesty and hard work. She is the oldest daughter of the former Angolan president and his Russian wife, Tatiana Kukanova. Isabel enrolled at King’s College in London after graduating from an all-girls’ high school in Kent. She graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Visit her facebook to learn more about her platforms.

Career and Achievements

Although Isabel dos Santos studied Electrical Engineering, she had a passion for entrepreneurship. Subsequently, her enthusiasm for the corporate arena enabled her to serve in management positions of various firms that were listed on the European Stock Exchange. After finishing her college education in London, Isabel returned to Angola where she joined the labor market.

Upon her return, she started work at Urbana 2000 as a project manager engineer. The company had been awarded a contract to disinfect and clean the city of Luanda. The job paved her way into stating her own trucking business. Later on, she saw a window of opportunity in the entertainment sector in Luanda. She set up Miami Beach Club. The club was among the first to set up shop in the city, attracting a multitude of entertainment lovers from all over Luanda.

Investments in Portugal

Isabel dos Santos understands the importance of diversity. Her desire to increase her portfolio was critical drivers in her acquisition of stakes in important companies not only in Angola but also in Portugal. Some of the sectors that she has invested in include energy, retail, media, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Apart from her interest in Nova Cimangola, a cement company in Angola, Isabel has also invested heavily in diamonds and oil exploration.

Isabel dos Santos’ business acumen has put her on the global map and earned her the coveted title of the richest woman in Africa.

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A minha visão para África é um continente cheio de jovens empreendedores. Acredito tanto nas novas gerações! Eles são a verdadeira alavanca para a mudança em África. Estou a falar da nossa educação. A qualidade da educação que podemos dar aos nossos filhos vai determinar o futuro da África. Para qualquer um que sonha em mudar África a educação é a chave 📚 Aqui temos meninos do Colégio Comandante Bula, no Huambo. A felicidade de poder ir à escola, aprender, está estampada no rosto deles 🙌🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Educação #Empreendedorismo #Africa #Angola #Huambo My vision for Africa is a continent brimming with young entrepreneurs. I believe so much in our young generations! They are a true lever for change in Africa. I'm talking about our education. The quality of education we are giving to our children will determine the future of Africa. Anyone that dreams of changing Africa, education is the key 📚 Here we have young students from "Colégio Comandante Bula", in Huambo. They are truly happy about being able to go to school, to learn, as we can see from their smiles 🙌🏾

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