How PSI Pay is Helping Make Digital Wallets Popular

PSI Pay is considered a FinTech company who has been able to get permission from the British to use electronic funds in 2011. Once received permission, the company would begin to grow by offering payment solutions such as digital wallets. Digital wallets are the equivalent of a leather wallet filled with credit cards and cash. A digital wallet is a good place to store loyalty, credit, and debit cards. It allows you to keep the cards on a mobile device in one location. There may be a different version of digital wallets worldwide. PSI Pay Digital wallets used in European countries have the capability to use different types of currencies such as the pound and euro. A digital wallet will allow a user to link to a debit card. Money can be withdrawn with the use of a digital wallet. To deposit money on the digital wallet, a person could use a traditional checking account to transfer funds. Credit cards can be used to deposit funds on a digital wallet.

PSI Pay has that allow users to utilize cryptocurrency. MasterCard has allowed PSI to provide businesses with pre-paid cards. Cryptocurrency is converted to easily useable funds that can be used in a variety of shops. EcoPayz is a wallet service that offers different levels to users. EcoPayz users are allowed to deposit bitcoin. The different levels may differ by features that are accessed by the user. A company such as PSI Pay must follow a few regulations set by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. PSI Pay believes the contactless payment method would grow in popularity. Wearables have been created that allows people in the UK to make digital payments. A company called Kerv created a ring that would allow users to pay for products and services. Kerv and PSI Pay created a partnership that will help the ring and will be able to benefit PSI Pay’s association with MasterCard.

A digital wallet in America differs in a wallet used in Europe. The American version of a digital wallet does not use deposits of cash. The American version of the digital wallet allows you to link to debit and credit cards. A user could log into their accounts and use the digital wallet to pay online, and they will not need to provide card information to websites.


From Engineering to Managing Investments: Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen first started his career by studying and finishing in an engineering school at the Federal University of Parana. At the era of 1947, where Igor Cornelsen finished Engineering, the competition for the Engineering Industry was very high making it extremely hard to get a decent career. Because of the competition, Igor Cornelsen shifted into an Economics course in the same school.

Igor Cornelsen then started to work in an Investment Bank, which was very common for Engineering graduates around that time – because of their skills in mathematics and arithmetic, they were able to catch up quite fast because this was a time where in calculators and computers were not used quite as much.

Igor Cornelsen then made a name for himself in the investment sector and he would then become one of the best individuals in the class – then he would be quickly promoted to be one of the board of directors in Multibanco at the year 1974, then he will become Chief Executive Officer two years after.

Igor Cornelsen’s ideas for business come from his expertise and his extensive experience as an investment banker. Igor Cornelsen has extensive knowledge on how to manage funds in the stock market and is very well aware of the behavior of the market as well because of the experience that he has gained in the banks that he has worked for.

Igor Cornelsen notes that most of the information that he uses for his business comes from Reuters – instead of using precious time and effort in making his own analysis. Reuters is a source of information that delivers fact, good information and has no political bias – which makes it such a good sour of information. Igor Cornelsen also punctuates that ideologies are not a good source of advise when running a business and making investments.

Chris Burch: Immense Talent and Curiosity

Chris Burch has been working as an entrepreneur and investor for almost forty years now. He is currently the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital but has contributed greatly to the success of brands like Tory Burch, Poppin, Jawbone, Voss Water and more. He has some experience in the hospitality industry thanks to his acquisition and renovation of Nihiwatu, which is a luxury resort on the island of Sumba.

Back in 2014, Burch partnered up with Ellen DeGeneres to launch her brand, ED by Ellen Degeneres. In that same year he started up Cocoon9 which produces prefab homes with an emphasis on contemporary design. His philanthropic efforts are impressive thanks to work with Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, The Sumba Foundation and The China Association of Social Work. This is a professional that has his foot in many different markets and areas of expertise. His care for other people and the people he works with is what makes Burch a professional to model oneself off of.

Burch prides himself on paying attention to the world that is around him. He pays close attention to detail and takes note of how different products, companies or services can be changed in a more productive manner. Not only has Burch worked hard to become the professional that he is today, but Burch has also helped pave the way for young talent to find their place in the industry. This is where the idea for Burch Creative Capital came from. Despite his extensive travels to various areas like the South Pacific, New York and Los Angeles are common destinations for Burch. His passion has made him a high demand resource.

Organo Gold: Pushing the Limits of Coffee Culture

When the legendary American jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong was asked what jazz is, he said that if an individual has to ask what it is, then they may never know. Coffee culture is more like jazz. It’s better to experience the beverage than try to give its description. Unlike playing great jazz music however, that takes numerous years of experience as well as the talent bar to have some knowledge of the coffee culture is pretty affordable. This article isn’t for those who aren’t aware of the coffee culture and its impact on the industry. To be on the same page, this culture is defined as a social atmosphere that highly depends on coffee as the primary lubricant. The term refers to the diffusion of coffee as a broadly consumed stimulant by a particular culture. Maybe no words can describe coffee culture other than visiting your local coffee shop and understanding what the culture is made of. Coffee houses in the country are a buzz coupled with unrivaled energy at major social gatherings. Today’s coffee culture probably started in Greenwich Village. The West Coast northern cities bought into the culture in a primary way around the 1980s.

As such, Starbucks franchises currently occupy many urban corners in the country as well as independent brewers that create signature blends through roasting, blending, as well as pouring techniques to assist in connecting creative individuals in new friendships. A perfect way to disintegrate the American coffee culture is to look at people’s obsession with Java. Some authors have stated that there are three waves of coffee consumption. These waves play a crucial role in stratifying the country’s coffee consumption. Americans still enjoy the thrill of the waves.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is one such brand that is promoting the coffee culture. It produces a broad spectrum of coffee beverages such as flavored beverages and teas. It also manufactures other products particularly for body management as well as personal care. Organo Gold is a global network marketing brand dealing with the production of premium products. Organo Gold offers individuals a great business opportunity to earn a living and gain freedom and well-being.

Highland Capital Management, Offers Convenient Dividend Services

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas based registered investment adviser, which has approximately $15 billion in assets under management. The firm was established in 1993, with the founding members being Mark Okada and James Dondero. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Mark Okada is also the Chief Investment Officer, overseeing Highland full investment activities for both institutional and retail investment platforms which include hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, mutual funds and special situations private equity. He is also the manager of the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund, a subsidiary of Highland Capital Management.

Mark Okada is an alumnus the University of California, Los Angeles where he graduated with bachelors of Arts in both psychology and economics, and he has also won the rights to use chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He holds a prominent position in various institutions such as Education is Freedom, a non-profit organization in Dallas that offers preparatory services to underserved college students where he chairs the board of directors. He is also a member of the board of directors at NexBank Capital, Inc. a financial services company in Dallas. Read more about James Dondero at

Highland Capital Management investment has acquired two organizations which are American HomePatient and the Structural and Steel Products. The firm is also actively utilizing 11 technologies for its website. Some of these include DNS, Microsoft Azure, SPF, and Comodo SSL.

Early this year, Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Rate announced its regular monthly dividend on its common stock of $0.0770 per share. The dividend will be payable on 31st of January this year to all the shareholder who would be on the record before the close of business day January 24 this year. The main aim of this Fund investment is to provide a high level of current income, that’s consistent with the preservation of capital in a registered fund format. The Funds declares and pays dividends of investment income after every month.


Brian Torchin On Health Care Guidance

Brian Torchin was born in Plainview (New York), later resided in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) where he completed his high school studies at JFK High. In 1988 he graduated from University of Delaware. He used this knowledge and established HCRC acting as the president. He started his career work through medical practices like bringing doctors dealing with chiropractic, assistant physicians, physical contact therapies to help patients with various issues related to certain diseases .HCRC staffing has been providing effective services to people and society around by providing a better health hospitality ensuring that they are able to get better health care facilities .

Brian Torchin and his HCRC members have established a strong membership bond that allows them to create a welcoming atmosphere to the partners that interact with them and this improves their images to other well known people in the society.HCRC’S main objective is to allow individuals that provide health care guidance ability to access job in the market gaps. Find out more about Brian Torchin at Wellness.

Brian Torchin has provided platforms to individuals who have the capability and capacity to run the positions found within the sections of the HCRC.These positions can be ran by personalities like chiropractors, dentists, receptionists and nurse practitioners.He also deals with legal platforms where persons like attorneys, legal administrators are given chances to prove themselves as productive assets while working in HCRC.

He established HCFC to expand knowledge experiences in the medical areas and to help individuals with great expertise be able to perform in high and great quality and bring productive results .His work is not only based in Philadelphia but also in other additional 50 countries, bringing about positive feedbacks from the partners and clients who want to build a long lasting bond and increase the market.

Moreover, being known to have a profession in medical area he also writes books since he’s an author and had an experience of 12 years in the industry in health care.

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Former President Continues His Wes Edens Fandom

Former President Bill Clinton is one of the most recognizable faces in the world after spending eight years in the Oval Office. However, what is less well known is the fact President Clinton has a good knowledge of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks franchise far beyond that of an armchair fan. The personal friend of Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, President Clinton has obviously been enjoying the growth of the franchise under the leadership of the Fortress Investments Group co-founder.

To see the former President at a playoff game in Milwaukee is not a surprise as many famous faces arrive at courtside when teams reach the postseason. However, the recent game between the Bucks and New York Nets in the Big Apple saw the arrival of the former President at courtside to cheer on the team led by Wes Edens. The former President seemed to be a consistent fan of the Bucks as he discussed the future of the franchise with NBA TV from his seat in New York. President Clinton not only praised Wes Edens and his management group but singled out Giannis Antetokounmpo as one of the best players in the NBA at the moment. Read more about Wes Edens at

Wes Edens is a former donor to the Democratic Party of President Clinton who is also known to enjoy a close relationship with Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry. Taking control of the Bucks in 2014, the main achievement of the management team headed by Wes Edens has been the construction of a purpose-built arena for the Bucks fans to enjoy. When purchasing the NBA franchise, the Bucks were stranded in the third-oldest arena in the league and had failed to trouble the playoffs for many years. An almost instant turnaround was praised by President Clinton as the franchise has become known for combining new arrivals in the league with veterans who aid in the development of young players. President Clinton reserved his praise for George Hill and Brooks Lopez who he feels add to the success of the team.

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Alex Hern’s Virtual Reality Software Tool

Alex Hern the founder and CEO of Tsunami VR. The Tsunami VR is a software tool that companies like Honda used. It allows multiple of users to enter into a 3D space at the same time. The software tool is a digital workshop for companies Tsunami XR is the digital equivalent to a Rolodex. Alex Hern technology increases productivity in the workforce. Customer service is important to Alex Hern so he wants to bring it straight to his business clients.

Hern’s company is based in San Diego and he spent more than twenty years in the technology industry. He co-founded a company called Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, which help search engines like Yahoo. Alex Hern says that virtual and augmented reality is the future or businesses all around the world. He partnered with other businesses who understand their craft and a team that understands sales. Teaming up with the right set of people can make a business strong.


Michael Phelps and Talkspace Reveal Importance of Talking about Mental Health

The A List Daily website recently published an article by H.B. Duran titled, “Michael Phelps Dives into Mental Health Advocacy with Talkspace.” The article discusses the partnership between the Olympic Gold Medalist and Talkspace, a company dedicated to providing a private platform for people to seek professional mental health help.

The two recently partnered for a series of commercials and marketing campaigns to end the stigmas against mental health. They both wanted to provide information on Phelps’ own battles with anxiety and depression to help people understand that anyone can suffer from mental illness. Phelps revealed that sharing his story was created by his drive to help others seek out professional help. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates.

Talkspace was also featured in an article titled, “Relationship Advice from Talkspace,” written by Steven Smith. The article discusses how the app will provide couples therapy as well. Talkspace reveals that couples who are cohabitating need to ensure they have the tools to handle the relationship well. One of the key tools to stay healthy and happy in a relationship is autonomy. Though many people seek advice from their friends and family, they might not have the best perspective. Talkspace encourages people to take relationship advice from friends and family with a grain of salt. When seeking information from people outside of the intimate relationship, the couple doesn’t learn how to negotiate their relationship.

Talkspace also indicates that is important to manage the meltdown. Each person in the couple is human and prone to insecurities. Anything might provoke an overreaction to mistakes. The freak out could be caused by jealousy or fears of abandonment. However, it is important for the people in the relationship to bring up their issues without blaming the other.

It is also important for couples that are cohabitating to have open communication at the heart of the relationship. Couples who are able to communicate in healthy ways about the joys and struggles of the relationship are more likely to work through the meltdown.

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Isabel Dos Santos Discusses The Close Ties Between Africa And Europe

Isabel dos Santos is classed as Africa’s richest woman by Forbes magazine and one of the 100 most influential women in the world and recently spoke at the European Parliament about the continent’s links to Africa. The Angolan business leader is a popular figure in the telecommunications and oil supply sectors which have allowed her to earn a personal fortune in excess of $2 billion. At the forum at the European Parliament, Dos Santos discussed the changing face of the African continent and defended the position that a digital revolution is ongoing among the African people.

The first female African billionaire is the chair of the telecommunications giant, Unitel and recently sparked takeover talks following her decision to enter the European communications market. Isabel dos Santos has taken her interest in telecommunications to the Portuguese market with the purchase of a large amount of stock in the Nos SGPS cable and internet provider as her links between Africa and Europe continue to develop.

The African continent is fast becoming one of the leaders in the world of digital commerce as the number of transactions being completed over the Internet is close to overcoming the number of products sold in traditional stores. According to Isabel Dos Santos, other areas of development for digital commerce are fast catching up on the traditional forms of commerce used for the last few centuries, including banking. Digital banking options are growing in Africa, and provide new options for consumers to explore.

Isabel dos Santos has interest in the digital revolution taking place in Africa as she was one of the first business leaders on the continent to identify the sector as one of the most important for the future. Identifying the submarine fiber optic cable linking Africa and the Americas as vital to the future of the continent, Mrs. dos Santos explained it was vital the communication links destined for Africa were used to enhance small and large businesses.