Daniel Bethelmy-Rada Speaks About the R.A.W

For almost two years, the Global Brand President for Matrix Daniel Bethelmy-Rada and his team worked very hard to create a new line of all-natural hair care products. Despite all the difficulties, the company was able to reach its goal and develop natural products to satisfy the needs of its followers.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that more consumers want their personal care products to be entirely natural. Also, they need products that have minimal impact on the environment.

Mr. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada claims that the ingredients used to develop the R.A.W are over 96% natural and biodegradable. The company did not use any harsh chemicals, silicones or parabens. Although the cost of ingredients was high, the company used only materials derived from plants and natural sources. For the packaging, the company used materials made of recycled plastic.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says the company had a hard time following strict rules to keep their products all-natural. However, they were able to fit into the guidelines without sacrificing the quality of R.A.W products.

Another challenge for the company was matching the quality of new products to L’Oréal’s high standards. Many expensive tests were performed to resolve that issue. The company did its best to design products that deliver exceptional results without costing an arm and a leg.

Spreading the word about R.A.W’s philosophy was another noticeable challenge for the company. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says students now have shorter attention spans. They dislike long lectures and traditional seminars. They want practical information and visual results. Therefore, the company created a functional program and taught stylist from over 700 US salons.

The company created #LiveRaw digital campaign to teach about the benefits of sustainable living. Bloggers and influencers are promoting the brand and educating R.A.W’s philosophy. The company’s Instagram account is a source of customer testimonials and real reviews.

After only a few months of the R.A.W’s launch in the United States, the company records a great success. Over 90% of consumers of the R.A.W line report excellent results. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says the company is preparing for an upcoming global launch. They are glad that people around the world will enjoy the R.A.W.

José Auriemo Neto of JHSF: the Real Estate Developer That Continues to Shape Brazil’s Property Market

For more than thirty years, Jose Auriemo Neto has established a strong portfolio as a property developer in the real estate sector. He is an experienced investor in real estate where he serves at JHSF. He has transitioned this company into an international brand that has upscale properties such as malls, hotels, as well as high-end restaurants. Jose Auriemo Neto is a significant contributor at JHSF, a company that boasts of establishing some of the country’s shopping malls including Bela Vista as well as Ponta Negra.

Over the years of serving at JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto has also supported the development of high-profile offices and commercial premises. Neto who believes that the leadership of an organization determines its success has supported various partnerships between JHSF and Valentino as well as Ralph Lauren, some of the most revered luxury brands in the world. Other brands the company has gotten into business with include Cidade Jardim Townhouses as well as residence.

Under his guidance, JHSF has aggressively diversified into various projects thanks to the strategies implemented by its leaders. The firm has developed new properties in foreign cities. Some of the properties include Fasana Hotels in Uruguay as well as Miami. As such, the company recently acquired a high-end luxury apartment in Fifth Avenue. It opened an office with a corporate touch in Miami. According to JHSF’s leader Jose Auriemo Neto, the investment includes delving into the fashion industry. Catarina Business Airport is one such brand that it has partnered with.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s excellent skills in management have contributed to the growth of JHSF. He first launched a project after joining the company at a tender age as an intern. Neto founded a parking lot for the management. He was then trusted to lead the firm into successful ventures. Until now, he has spearheaded the company by incorporating great policies to govern the administration. Neto embraces modern leadership styles because they have contributed to the development of his company. JHSF is one of the leading real estate companies in Brazil. The company engages in residential as well as commercial incorporation of various properties.