“Eos Lip Balms are an All Natural and Organic Solution to Dry and Damaged Lips.”

Eos lip balm was created to soften and moisturize cracked, hard, sore lips. They have incorporated multiple oils to help one achieve the beautiful attractive lips everyone is searching for. There’s no harmful, useless chemicals or silicone in this product. All Eos lip balm ingredients include Jojoba oil, Shea butter and vitamin E. Some of the lip balms have sunscreen in them to protect the lips from harmful UV rays from the sun, with SPF 15 or SPF-30.

Eos Lip balm comes in multiple flavors and just naming a few they have, pomegranate raspberry, tangerine, and honeysuckle Honey dew, lemon twist, pink grapefruit, and vanilla bean. Some people may wonder why Eos opted for the egg shaped looking package, which seems odd from the norm. Most chap sticks look quite similar in shape. The company wanted to add features to their product that would set them apart from all of the lip quenching products on the market. They also provide their products in the shape of a stick, and the flavors vanilla bean, pomegranate raspberry and sweet mint are the only flavors provided.

Eos takes pride in letting customers and potential customers know that they are an animal cruelty free company. Eos still remains able to provide customers with organic and natural lip conditioning elements in their lip balms, without using animals as guinea pigs for testing when making or improving products.

Find out more about EOS Lip Balm: https://imabeautygeek.com/2017/08/14/eos-crystal-lip-balm-review-and-chemist-interview/

NBA Team Owner And Financial Executive Wes Edens

In 1998, along with partners Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone, Wes Edens co-founded Fortress Investment Group, the first large private equity firm to be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Before this venture, he was a Managing Partner at Black Rock Financial, and at Lehman Brothers. He received his Business and Finance training at Oregon State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in his field of study in 1984. As one of the key leaders at Fortress, he helped move the company into rapid growth, and it went on to manage billions of dollars in alternative assets for clients all over the world. Read more about Wes Edens at newfortressenergy.com

Wes Edens also has a strong interest in sports, and his passion for athletic games, both in the physical sense and in the online genre, led him to venture into acquiring the ownership of the professional basketball team called the Milwaukee Bucks, which he purchased for more than $500 million in 2014. After securing the NBA team, Wes Edens promised its fans that he would keep the organization in the state of Wisconsin. In addition to that, he bought the Aston Villa soccer team, along with some financial backing from Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris. He is also involved in e-sports as the owner of a League of Legends team called Fly Quest.

The Brightline Train in Florida is another project that he launched after thinking of a better way for commuters in that area to get around. He is the first private owner of a passenger train system in the US. The innovative method of transportation reaches a top speed of 80 mph, and in May of 2018, on its first run, it went from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in only 30 minutes, much quicker than a car service would have made it to that destination. The Brightline Train has comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi and food service.

Wes Edens feels that several other major cities like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago and St.Louis, would benefit greatly by using this transportation service. The Fortress Investment Group co-founder and financial expert is a married father of 4 children.

Click here to learn more: https://www.fortress.com/about


Who Is Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is basically changing the landscape of skin care. If you’re not too familiar with cosmetics, then you may not know who this person is. On the other hand, this phenomenal person just so happens to be the namesake of a popular skincare brand. The brand Sunday Riley uses science-based active ingredients to get its point across. These are some of the finest products in the skincare industry. Green technology is the name of the game, especially in the 21st century because consumers are looking for a healthier approach in their day-to-day living.

Going green and producing clean results perfectly personifies SR. The skincare products here are much more safer than standard skincare products because the formulas are lower in preservatives. Yes, preservatives can be found in almost every skincare product to some degree. In order to make this a “green” brand, lower amounts of preservatives are being used, especially when being compared to other products on the market today. Sunday Riley herself has stated that “it takes me hundreds of times to find the right formula.” In other words, trial and error is definitely being used before any products hit the store shelves. Some of the better health benefits here come from plant-based extracts. Natural oils are also being used to enhance the results. Unlike many of SR’s competitors who use sulfates in their formulas, this exclusive brand tends to use highly effective alternatives that come from an organic source.

Good Genes is one of the brand’s top-selling products, but it isn’t necessarily Riley’s favorite. Some of the earlier products that were once on her list have been scrapped for more sophisticated products. Good Genes, a phenomenal lactic acid treatment, does an amazing job of unclogging pores for a more youthful appearance. All in all, Sunday Riley has grown into a cult-favorite, and it will continue to improve on its weaknesses in the years to come.


Virgin Group, Owned by Richard Branson, to Become a Valuable Business Partner for Brightline, Owned by Wes Edens

Not a ton of entrepreneurs have found their way to success in as many different sectors as Mr. Wes Edens. He has profited in finance with Fortress Investment Group, in professional sports with the Milwaukee Bucks, in esports with the FlyQuest roster and in passenger railway services with the recent and innovative Brightline trains. Quite recently, the support of the famed Mr. Richard Branson was bestowed upon Wes Edens, as their transportation companies, Brightline and Virgin Group, may have just found the ultimate business partners in each other. Check out crunchbase.com to learn more about Wes Edens.

A number of highly populated cites in Florida became more well-connected in 2018 as a result of the efforts of Wes Edens. Hundreds of miles to the west, a brand new route that would go from Las Vegas to California has entered the stages of planning for Brightline, which will actually be Virgin Trains USA by the time this route is completed. Throughout 2019, and the few years after that, we will certainly be looking on with interest in order to see just what positive changes the Virgin Group and Brightline relationship will bring to the current market of transportation.

When it comes to transportation, as well as hospitality, Virgin Group has earned some important credibility, and that is something that Richard Branson takes great pride in. It is also something that should heavily benefit Wes Edens, as he can leverage this market trust to push his train company into the spotlight and capitalize financially on the potential of this deal.

Additionally, there are many other ways in which Richard Branson could prove helpful for the furthering of Brightline for Wes Edens. For more than 20 successful years, Branson has been operating one of the United Kingdom’s best rail companies, known as Virgin Trains. That experience will obviously be of great use to the pair as they attempt to innovate and conquer the American side of the market, a market in which Richard Branson has already become a household name due in no small part to the explosive success of his air travel company, Virgin America.

Check; http://www.industrialareasfoundation.org/topics/wes-edens


The Nucleus Of Neurocore

Neurocore specializes in brain studies and diagnosis. The profound factor in this method is that it is drug-free. Patients who have successfully completed treatment report an increase of mental clarity and focus, less stress and an overall sense of well-being. Unlike many traditional medications, this methodology can be useful to anyone from the grandchild all the way up to the grandparents. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore. Every day and every moment that we are alive our brain is functioning to help us get through this maze of life. So it is of vital importance that our brain performance is at peak condition. This non-prescription form of treatment has assisted many people in taking back control of their lives. The treatment program begins with an an initial assessment. This first assessment will be a basis and guidelines for your treatment program. Every person operates differently so by assessing on the first meeting, a program can be tactfully catered to your needs. After the first stage of the treatment plan, another assessment will be made somewhere at the midpoint of treatment to check on any progress that may have occurred since the initial assessment. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

There has been an abundance of military veterans who have found hope in Neurocore. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that many people live with; and many people live with it untreated. By omitting prescription medications from the equation, there is a sense of mental clarity that the patient endures while in the Neurocore treatment. Mental ailments should be assessed at their root to efficiently treat them. The more that someone becomes aware and in-tuned with themselves, the more they realize pills aren’t the best choice.

Neurocore has the approach of not clouding your mind, but un-clouding your mind by using tactics that gives the patient control.

When a person learns the power of their brain and knows how to unlock it, mental health discrepancies become a thing of the past. Neurocore has an approach that does not make the patient feel embarrassed for needing or seeking treatment. This is a large reason why so many mental health patients go on treated, it’s because of perception of prescription medications.

Check: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/neurocore

OSI Group: The Process of Making Hamburgers

OSI Group has been leading in the food processing and packaging section for the longest time. Having been established by an investor immigrant from Germany, the institution has stood the test of time, offering its clients nothing but the best services since the first day it started to operate. OSI Group has been supplying its products to McDonald for decades. The hamburgers from the institution are what has made it become very popular among the people who love meat. Many people wonder why these products remain fresh and healthy, regardless of the conditions they are subjected to. Here is the process that these products have to be taken through before they can find their way into the shopping stores.

High levels of hygiene

Handling any food products required the highest levels of hygiene. OSI Group does not take this matter lightly. Since its formation, the process of making hamburgers is very delicate, and hygiene means so much to the people involved. All the employees have to undergo serious medical tests before they can be allowed into the factory and storage plants. If one of them has any stomach bug, they have to be subjected to vigorous treatments so that the cause of the sickness can be realized in time. These employees have to wear proactive gears before they are allowed into the room.

Meat inspection

The meat used when making hamburgers has to be examined by experts so that they can be assured that there are no bones inside. OSI Group has ensured that this is a process that is carried out carefully so that no one finds its way in the final product that will be found in the market. The meat is also inspected to ensure that it is of the best quality so that the customers can be impressed. The meat is packaged into containers for the next stage.

The meat is minced

OSI Group has a long process for the hamburgers it offers its customers. The meat is minced before it can be cut into small burger patties. When the final product has been released into the market, it has to be tested by the professionals to assure them of the quality.

Top Achievements of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was born in Newyork in the United States and acquired his higher education at the University of Capetown. He has extensive knowledge and skills in economics and history. Ted has worked with several nonprofit making companies and also in the public sector in the course of his career. In his professional career, Ted has helped people and organizations make informed decisions on their investment strategies.

Ted Bauman joined the Banyan Publishing Company after working with the United Nations as a consultant. He got inspiration from his father who was a well-renowned writer because he wanted to emulate him. He is currently the editor of the Bauman Letter and the inventor of Smart Money and Alpha Stock. The Bauman Letter is a newsletter that gives people advice on low-risk investment opportunities and other financial assistance to clients. Ted says that his passion is to help people overcome economic and investment challenges through clear-cut strategies. He is a guru in expert advice and focuses on policies such as assets protection, international migration, and privacy. His interest is to see people overcome exploitation from businesses and the government.

His solid background in economics has helped him in writing boldly and broadly on finance and investment making him earn recognition and a significant number of followers on his newsletters. He attributes his skills in writing catchy articles to the extensive research and staying up to date with the current trends and affairs in the financial world. Ted Bauman also says that good time management is essential for the success of any enterprise.

Ted Bauman predicts an incoming crash in the market stocks in the future. Ted is an economist with accurate economic predictions over the last fifteen years. He attributes the future crash of the stock market to a similar scheme that caused the recession in 1929. He gives his explanation with thorough evidence to support his argument. Ted has featured in various journals and magazines for his exemplary service in the public and private sector. He has also contributed to the writing of multiple publications with other authors to share extensive knowledge and skills in the fields of economics and finance.

Rebel Wilson Knows Her Role in Cats Will Be Successful

As an actor, it takes a lot of work for Rebel Wilson to perform a role. She knows there are a lot of things that go into each of her roles and that’s an important part of her career. It’s also something she has to work hard on no matter what role she’s performing in.

There are things that can make it easier for her to show people what she’s doing and how she’s making the most out of the career she has. Starring in her own roles makes it easy for Rebel Wilson to do things the right way.

It also makes her want to show people there are things that can make a difference for her career. As long as she can help other people connect with the character, she knows she’s doing the right thing. It’s her goal to always know how to help and always know there are things she can do to make people understand the positive experiences she has.

Cats is a serious play that’s about a serious subject. Even though there are some parts of the play that might be funny, it’s overall a serious show. Rebel Wilson wants to channel the somber attitude that comes from the play. Since it’s a remake, Rebel Wilson has a lot to live up to in her role. She’ll have to try different things to make sure she can help people understand what she’s trying to portray and how she’s trying to make a difference for everyone.

Based on the way she does things, Rebel Wilson knows she can make a difference for all the people she works with in the comedy field. Part of the reason she started out in comedy was because of her size. Read more:  Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Plus-size actors often have to play comedy roles because those are the only roles they can get. Rebel Wilson didn’t want to be stuck like that forever so she decided to branch out and try something different. By doing a stage show, she gave herself the chance to make sure people could see she was better than just doing comedy.

Now that she’s in a stage show, Rebel Wilson knows she can make things better for everyone who sees it. She also knows there are things she can do that might make it easier for her to connect with other roles.

As long as she does a lot of work and tries to push forward to try different things, Rebel Wilson can make an even bigger name for herself. She also has a lot of plans that might make it easier for her to show people they can get more out of the acting world even if they’re new to it.

David McDonald: COO of OSI Group of Companies.

Born and raised in the farm, David McDonald has dedicated most of his time to the love of the countryside. After bagging a bachelor’s degree in animal science from his Hometown University, at Iowa David McDonald started his career right away by joining the Chicago OSI industries where his hard work, negotiation skills, ability to convince and dedication quickly push him up to the top of the ladder. He is currently the president and COO of the OSI Group in IOWA. His company is one of the leading food industries in the world today, what started as a butcher side shop in the early 20th century by an immigrant.

David McDonald OSI group has gone global with more than sixty food processing facilities in over fifteen countries. David McDonalds OSI Group is responsible for creating over twenty thousand jobs and he has partnered up with China to expand his group all over the country and the world.

As a food logistics and entrepreneur, David McDonald OSI group has acquired a lot of other food processing companies in Europe and Asia resulting in the massive growth rate of his enterprise both at home and abroad. With a mission that put customers at the forefront of the company, products are made to the highest standard and quality; changes with customer’s specifications as he believes the root of all growth in any business are the customers which actually all started as support from family and friends.

David McDonald has been in the OSI group food processing business for a little over three decades and as a husband a father and an entrepreneur; he has thought his children to follow up in his footsteps to keep the family business running for more generations to come. David is also actively involved in charity organisations in the form of educational sponsorship and community development. He has put together quality policies that will not only benefit the company presently but make sure that employees are tutored on the core values and tradition of the company. And of recent, the David McDonald OSI group has gained a lot of popularities around the world just from customers’ referrals. This is another great initiative of David McDonald OSI group. Expansion for OSI Group Continues Internationally

Original source : http://jvnc.net/david-mcdonald-and-osi-group/