The Life and Career of the Great Louis Chenevert

There are so many people the world doesn’t know about. It’s a shame that there isn’t a system or network that tells everyone the important stories of people who’ve done amazing things. One of the most amazing people to ever work in the technology industry was Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chenevert is a University of Montreal graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. His focus was on production management, which came in handy immediately following his graduation. The first job he ever got was at General Motors in the late 70s. He worked at General Motors for 14 years.

After making it to the Production General Manager position, he left the company and started working Pratt & Whitney. He joined them in 1993 and worked his way up to become President. He remained president for seven more years before leaving to join United Technologies Corporation.

Once at United Technologies Corporation, his career really began; at least that’s what most people say. Obviously, his time at those other companies was well spent, but his time at United Technologies Corporation is what made him famous. He’s not famous in a celebrity sense; he’s more famous in a corporate sense.

The company already had something going on when he joined it, but he wanted to do things a bit differently. He wanted to give each team its own space and let them develop like crazy. Using that approach, United Technologies Corporation began developing technology that far exceeded their customers’ expectations.

The secret to their success was the way they ran their teams. Most of the time, each team has one leader that controls only that group. At United Technologies Corporation, all the teams were headed by one leadership team, which allowed for more innovation.

Chenevert was also set apart by his business habits. Most people would like to think that he has something special going on, but he doesn’t. All of his habits were just things that every business professional should have.

Ara Chackerian Business Owner and Investor

Ara Chackerian is a prominent investing professional. During his career, he has helped many people with their business ideas. He is also active in the local community. He believes that successful business owners should work hard to make the world a better place.

Ara Chackerian graduated with a marketing degree from Florida State University. When he attended school, he did not have a clear direction for his career. Ara worked multiple jobs while he was in college, and he received an internship at a local company. During this internship, he worked in the marketing department. He quickly decided that he wanted to focus on marketing for his career. Check out

Business Advice

Ara Chackerian has many years of experience running a company. With this experience, he can provide recommendations for people to follow. He is excited about new products and services that he is working on. He is working with several small business owners in the local area. He provides capital to some business owners to help them get started on a business idea.

Ara Chackerian believes that everyone can become a successful business owner. With new technology, it is easier than ever before for people to start a company. Many people enjoy running a business because it provides them an opportunity to invest in the lives of others. Running a business also gives people more freedom over their daily schedule.

Helping Others

Ara Chackerian donates money to multiple charities each year. He wants to use his wealth to impact people who live in his area. He wants children to have better access to quality education in his neighborhood. Some children cannot attend a quality school for various reasons. For these children, receiving a college degree is much harder. Ara Chackerian is a firm believer in education, and that is why he works so closely with other schools.

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Daniel Taub Speaks Out Against Geneva Accord

A native of the UK, Daniel Taub moved to Isreal in 1989 in order to practice international property there. Since he first moved there he has served as the Israeli Ambassador to the UK and established himself as an expert in International Law.

In response to the new Geneva Accord, which was signed at 4 am on 11/23/2013, Taub said that “Iran will still make a nuclear bomb”, affirming his belief that the Geneva Accord is dangerous because it takes none of the necessary steps to slow or stop or Iran from becoming a major nuclear power.

According to Taub, in order to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb much harsher steps must be taken. Before the Geneva accord was signed, Iran had started building nuclear weapons and using nuclear power, despite the inspections of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the rules against doing so. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

In order for the Geneva Accord to be effective and for Iran to stop building a nuclear weapon, the Arak plutonium heavy water reactor would have to be dismantled, the military programs would have to be stopped, and Iran would have to start dismantling centrifuges.

With all of these pieces still in place, there is very little reason to believe that Iran will voluntarily end its nuclear program.

Taub and the Israelis are not the only people who believe that the Geneva Accord is a bad idea and is ineffective. Other prominent leaders have spoken out against the agreement as well.

Former President of the United States Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also spoke against the Geneva Accord.

Since Daniel Taub moved to Iran he has become known for his diplomatic efforts. He is a UK native who has spent his adult life studying Israeli and Middle Eastern culture. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

This expertise made him the perfect candidate to be the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, a position he held from 2011-2015. Since his retirement from the diplomatic life, he has continued to serve Israeli’s as the director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem.

Parents should Push for MAP Testing to Help their Children’s Academic Success

Testing is just a standard part of America’s education process. Testing Is necessary for tracking student’s academic progress. State tests are often given once a year to determine how well students are doing for their grade level. State tests can help members of the education field to know where a child is academically. However, they cannot provide teachers, administrators or parents with knowledge about a student’s progress.

Rocketship Education Charter Schools uses a MAP test to calculate a student’s academic growth throughout a school year. Students are given this test at different intervals during the school year to determine how much they currently understand and where they will be headed in the future.

Keep in mind that it typically takes at least 1 year for the average child to advance a grade. So, if a 3rd grade student is reading at a 2nd grade level, it will take that student at least a year to reach the level where they are supposed to already be. Some children do not have a lot of time to catch up academically. The MAP test will point out where they need help and teachers (and parents) can start to make adjustments to get on task.

Rocketship has been using these tests at its Tennessee charter school branch located in Nashville. Rocketship Education is a charter school that serves underprivileged communities all over the U.S. Their goal is to help children from poorer communities to receive a high level of education. Rocketship’s success in this area cannot be argued. Their school in Nashville has good results for keeping children on track with their studies.

Rocketship encourages parents to push to get this type of testing in their school. It will help them to better gauge where their children are at and to get them help where it is needed. MAP testing proves to be a valuable tool in the right hands. Teachers, parents and students can all benefit from its use. Parents should push for MAP testing for their children’s schools if they are not already available.