Why the Frontera Fund believes in the Dreamers Act

The Frontera fund was founded on the premise of equal treatment of all especially immigrants.The founding of the Frontera fund by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey was due to the personal violations they had witnessed especially against the Hispanic community.They were among the strongest source of opposition for what Sheriff Joe Arpaio had made his habit of blatant violation of human rights as well as making arbitrary arrest against members of this community.He was a law unto himself even as he described himself as America’s toughest sheriff.He inspired the Frontera fund which was started against the backdrop of a 3.75 million dollar settlement that was paid to them for his direct actions against them.

The dreamer’s act is also referred to as DACA. The act was a presidential action taken by the former president who had seen the challenges faced by the dreamers in the country. Dreamers are those that were brought into the country as children are not in a position to ever acquire legal migrant status despite them having lived in the country for almost all there lives. The strong belief that these dreamers deserved a chance at being citizens of the United States is what led to the Deferred action for childhood arrivals.

Today the Dreamers act has more than 800,000 registered members who are able to live and work in the country legally. They have been a very good contributor to the growth of the country contributing to more than a billion dollars every year in tax dollars.They have a 95 percent employment with some serving in the military meaning that they are one of the country’s most important demo0graphic of people.The need to protect the deferred action for childhood arrivals cannot be overstated and it is this realization that has led organizations such as the Frontera fund to keep fighting for the retention and betterment of this fund.

The government through the relevant arms is being pushed and lobbied by the Frontera fund to keep the dreamer’s hopes and dreams alive by enacting legislation and laws that make there stay more permanent. The Frontera fund will continue to engage in all activities that can make this dream a reality.


A Manager’s Manager: The Proven Track Record of Scott M. Rocklage

Scott M. Rocklage, PhD joined 5AM Ventures in 2003, and he has since become a managing partner for the company. Prior to this experience, Rocklage has worked within the medical industry for over thirty years; contributing to the FDA approval of three important U.S. New Drug Applications, along with entering a variety of drugs to receive further clinical trials, Scott Rocklage remains successful with his proven, managerial experience.

Before working for 5AM Ventures, Scott served as Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, to name a few of his essential positions in prominent companies.

Along with his experience directly managing medical companies, he serves on the board of directors for a number of drug and chemical agencies. When attending university studies, Rocklage received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and he achieved his PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most influential and important schools in the nation, where he worked alongside Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Richard R. Schrock.

Scott remains active in directing operations for a plethora of companies that impact public health in the United States and abroad. Even with his decades of experience managing companies, Scott Rocklage also enjoys inventing in his free time; he has dozens of patents for his ideas, while also contributing to the peer reviews of over a hundred scientific publications.

Scott M. Rocklage is an expert in his craft and will go down in history as a vital leader, with a proven track record for managing successful medical companies.


American Dreamer Dick Devos Touches the Sky

Success breeds success. People want to work with those, who are successful. Is that why American Dreamer Dick Devos was appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) civilian oversight board?


What Is Success?


Everyone wants to be successful, but their definition might vary. A basketball player might want to win the NBA Championship. Civil Rights Activist Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. might want justice for African-Americans. Philanthropist Dick Devos might be the son of the creator of a global brand and want to expand charter schools.


Each of the successful men and women create a better future. They might challenge the status quo and try to lead the world to a better reality. They lead by daring to dream.


A dream is difficult because you might feel alone. You might start with an idea that has never been done before. It is amazing because it has never been done before, but it can also be daunting.


Some will say that you cannot start a Michigan charter school due to the entrenched education bureaucracy. Mr. Dick Devos ignored the critics. He and his wife Betsy Devos started the Michigan Aviation Academy Charter School in 2010.


Why can’t the youth have better education? If we don’t dream, what will become of the American Dream? American Dreamer Dick Devos creates the foundation for a better tomorrow.


Sky High Success


Now, the FAA has tapped into the brilliance of Dick Devos by adding him to their civilian oversight board. Pilot Devos understands how to dream and has touched the sky himself. Now, he can help the nation touch the sky.


Dick Devos has run for Michigan political office. Perhaps, that was too small for him. Success does not always follow a straight path.


The political path of President Abraham Lincoln is a prime example. He failed several times. His message was not accepted by the people, at first.


And, that is another reason for dreamers having difficulties. Sometimes, the dreamers are ahead of the times. The people do not understand the dream.


The American Dream has brought together many people. American Dreamer Dick Devos believes it is not over. As a member of the FAA Civilian Board, American Dreamer Dick Devos is helping all to touch the sky. Learn more: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/10/the_billionaire_that_put_grand.html

The Steady And Gradual Growth Of Fagali’l Airport

Fagalil airport could seem like just another little known airport located in Apia, the capital of Samoa. The recent increase of tourists and other passenger using the airport indicates otherwise. The airport has witnessed an increased arrivals and departures in the recent past owing to the increased improvements in its infrastructure and the surrounding environment.

The airport is strategically located along the Pacific Ocean’s beautiful coastline that has continued to attract many tourists into the region on cheapflights.com. The lack of accommodation within the compound of the airport was a major setback that led to the airport losing some passengers and airlines to the surrounding airports within and around Apia.

Improvements in Accommodation

Various excellent hotels have sprung up around the Fagali’l airport boosting its chances of receiving many airlines and passengers. The setting of these hotels within a short distance from the Fagalil airport provides excellent accommodation to the passengers who use the airport. Some of these hotels include the Apia Central, Taumeasiana, and Su accommodation, Samoa sports Lodge, and Milenia Samoa Hotels among others. Some hotels even offer shuttle services to their clients such as the Insel Fehmarn hotel.

Strategic Position

The airport is situated in an area with beautiful Samoan traditional cultures and structures. The churches and government state buildings are beautiful reminders of Samoa’s post-colonial period. The airport is also closely located to the capital city of Apia; it provides an alternative arrival and departure point to many airlines and passengers, especially the small planes and short-distance travelers according to encontreomedico.com.br. The Apia airport experiences reduced congestion because some passengers choose to use the Fagalil airport instead of larger airports. There are certified tour guides within the airport at the service of the passengers to take them around the region.

These tour guides would be important to the tourists who visit the area for the first time not knowing beautiful places to visit during their stay in Apia. Lalumanu beach is one of the attraction sites to visit when a person visits the area according to tripadvisor.com.br. Vaiala Beach is another attraction that attracts most people who love water sports such as swimming and scuba diving.it is possible to fly directly from Fagalil airport to major destinations such as the Australia, USA, Mexico, India, and Japan among other destinations.

Search more about Fagali’l Airport: https://books.google.com/books?id=EDGapfBX-CAC&pg=PA514&lpg=PA514&dq=fagali&source=bl&ots=mxtroLq8tN&sig=D7bVKGiLSyEHNHVv-p4G8b3XgDA&hl=pt-BR&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiM4O2lt8HXAhXI6CYKHZldDIs4ChDoAQhPMAk – v=onepage&q=fagali&f=false