Former President Continues His Wes Edens Fandom

Former President Bill Clinton is one of the most recognizable faces in the world after spending eight years in the Oval Office. However, what is less well known is the fact President Clinton has a good knowledge of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks franchise far beyond that of an armchair fan. The personal friend of Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, President Clinton has obviously been enjoying the growth of the franchise under the leadership of the Fortress Investments Group co-founder.

To see the former President at a playoff game in Milwaukee is not a surprise as many famous faces arrive at courtside when teams reach the postseason. However, the recent game between the Bucks and New York Nets in the Big Apple saw the arrival of the former President at courtside to cheer on the team led by Wes Edens. The former President seemed to be a consistent fan of the Bucks as he discussed the future of the franchise with NBA TV from his seat in New York. President Clinton not only praised Wes Edens and his management group but singled out Giannis Antetokounmpo as one of the best players in the NBA at the moment. Read more about Wes Edens at

Wes Edens is a former donor to the Democratic Party of President Clinton who is also known to enjoy a close relationship with Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry. Taking control of the Bucks in 2014, the main achievement of the management team headed by Wes Edens has been the construction of a purpose-built arena for the Bucks fans to enjoy. When purchasing the NBA franchise, the Bucks were stranded in the third-oldest arena in the league and had failed to trouble the playoffs for many years. An almost instant turnaround was praised by President Clinton as the franchise has become known for combining new arrivals in the league with veterans who aid in the development of young players. President Clinton reserved his praise for George Hill and Brooks Lopez who he feels add to the success of the team.

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Alex Hern’s Virtual Reality Software Tool

Alex Hern the founder and CEO of Tsunami VR. The Tsunami VR is a software tool that companies like Honda used. It allows multiple of users to enter into a 3D space at the same time. The software tool is a digital workshop for companies Tsunami XR is the digital equivalent to a Rolodex. Alex Hern technology increases productivity in the workforce. Customer service is important to Alex Hern so he wants to bring it straight to his business clients.

Hern’s company is based in San Diego and he spent more than twenty years in the technology industry. He co-founded a company called Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, which help search engines like Yahoo. Alex Hern says that virtual and augmented reality is the future or businesses all around the world. He partnered with other businesses who understand their craft and a team that understands sales. Teaming up with the right set of people can make a business strong.


Michael Phelps and Talkspace Reveal Importance of Talking about Mental Health

The A List Daily website recently published an article by H.B. Duran titled, “Michael Phelps Dives into Mental Health Advocacy with Talkspace.” The article discusses the partnership between the Olympic Gold Medalist and Talkspace, a company dedicated to providing a private platform for people to seek professional mental health help.

The two recently partnered for a series of commercials and marketing campaigns to end the stigmas against mental health. They both wanted to provide information on Phelps’ own battles with anxiety and depression to help people understand that anyone can suffer from mental illness. Phelps revealed that sharing his story was created by his drive to help others seek out professional help. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates.

Talkspace was also featured in an article titled, “Relationship Advice from Talkspace,” written by Steven Smith. The article discusses how the app will provide couples therapy as well. Talkspace reveals that couples who are cohabitating need to ensure they have the tools to handle the relationship well. One of the key tools to stay healthy and happy in a relationship is autonomy. Though many people seek advice from their friends and family, they might not have the best perspective. Talkspace encourages people to take relationship advice from friends and family with a grain of salt. When seeking information from people outside of the intimate relationship, the couple doesn’t learn how to negotiate their relationship.

Talkspace also indicates that is important to manage the meltdown. Each person in the couple is human and prone to insecurities. Anything might provoke an overreaction to mistakes. The freak out could be caused by jealousy or fears of abandonment. However, it is important for the people in the relationship to bring up their issues without blaming the other.

It is also important for couples that are cohabitating to have open communication at the heart of the relationship. Couples who are able to communicate in healthy ways about the joys and struggles of the relationship are more likely to work through the meltdown.

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Isabel Dos Santos Discusses The Close Ties Between Africa And Europe

Isabel dos Santos is classed as Africa’s richest woman by Forbes magazine and one of the 100 most influential women in the world and recently spoke at the European Parliament about the continent’s links to Africa. The Angolan business leader is a popular figure in the telecommunications and oil supply sectors which have allowed her to earn a personal fortune in excess of $2 billion. At the forum at the European Parliament, Dos Santos discussed the changing face of the African continent and defended the position that a digital revolution is ongoing among the African people.

The first female African billionaire is the chair of the telecommunications giant, Unitel and recently sparked takeover talks following her decision to enter the European communications market. Isabel dos Santos has taken her interest in telecommunications to the Portuguese market with the purchase of a large amount of stock in the Nos SGPS cable and internet provider as her links between Africa and Europe continue to develop.

The African continent is fast becoming one of the leaders in the world of digital commerce as the number of transactions being completed over the Internet is close to overcoming the number of products sold in traditional stores. According to Isabel Dos Santos, other areas of development for digital commerce are fast catching up on the traditional forms of commerce used for the last few centuries, including banking. Digital banking options are growing in Africa, and provide new options for consumers to explore.

Isabel dos Santos has interest in the digital revolution taking place in Africa as she was one of the first business leaders on the continent to identify the sector as one of the most important for the future. Identifying the submarine fiber optic cable linking Africa and the Americas as vital to the future of the continent, Mrs. dos Santos explained it was vital the communication links destined for Africa were used to enhance small and large businesses.


Pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad life teachings

Dr. Saad, a Cairo University medical degree graduate, is a surgeon in Eatontown, New Jersey and has been in the profession for more than 40 years. His area of specialty is pediatric surgery and thoracic surgery.

Dr. Saad Saad comes from a poor background and initially wanted to become an engineer like his brother but due to high temperatures in Kuwait, he decided to follow a career where he could work in an air-conditioned environment. He did well in all his exams and graduated top in his class. He was an intern at England and later on moved to the US where he did pediatric surgery and residency in surgery.

He has served as the head surgeon and Co-Medical Director of K Hovnanian Children Hospital at Hackensack. He also got a noble opportunity to work with the Saudi Arabia Royal Family.

Dr. Saad Saad qualifies for his unique experience because he is the solo board-certified pediatric surgeon in the US who can communicate fluently in both Arabic and English coupled with his US board certification which requires special training, continuous surgical practice and passing of difficult exams.

During his time in Saudi Arabia, he helped establish a working connection and approval of the Royal College of Surgeons in England for local students to receive their U.K. certification at home, a remarkable achievement that sees Saudi Arabia students get surgical training without traveling abroad.

Dr. Saad put his focus on improving surgical procedures by trying to find ways to improve surgical techniques in order to lessen the pain patients underwent. This led to two inventions and other pediatric surgical operations.

His first invention was a catheter with a tracking mechanism which can do a lot of things. They are inserted into the body to perform surgical operations or treatment purposes. The catheter tubes drain gases and fluids from the body and can also be placed in the body for a permanent or temporary basis.

The energy used in this catheter is electromagnetic to locate the catheter’s position. The tip of the catheter is fitted with a coil and permeable material which is magnetic and has got wires in its walls which enables the surgeon to use a device located externally to find and scan the catheter inside the body of a patient. Therefore, signals will be sent by the finding device to the coil tip of the catheter thus locating the catheter. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He also invented the “visual suction/irrigation firm endoscope” which improves the endoscope, an optical device used by surgeons to view and examine the patients inside.

His invention has eliminated guide wires and body scans and it allows doctors to perform tasks quick and safe.

Dr. Saad believes that meeting your goals is easier if you are persistent.

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Winning With Wen by Chaz Hair Care

Hair and people tend to go hand-to-hand. This particular industry is loaded with products that come from hundreds of brands. Unfortunately, all products aren’t created the same. This is where WEN comes into the frame, and this brand is providing all of the beneficial needs to take good care of your luscious locks. This 21st-century brand of hair products consist of various items such as treatments, styling gel, spray, crème and mousse. The options are nearly endless. On top of that, there are three base formulas to choose from, including pomegranate, lavender and sweet almond mint.

Wen by Chaz’s Cleansing Conditioner is one of the brand’s best-selling products. This cleanser can replace separate conditioners, shampoo and deep cleansers thanks to its 5-in-1 formula. Unlike other brands, the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner is a gamechanger because it lacks any known sulfates. This lack of sulfates allow the product to thoroughly cleanse the hair down to the root. Yes, this is 100 percent correct, and it won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. What more could anyone ever ask for from a cleansing conditioner?

The sweet almond mint formula of this product has produced outstanding results among a wide range of users. According to wiktionary, up to 97 percent of users have said this the Cleansing Conditioner has added more shine while 100 percent of users have reported more moisture. It would be extremely hard trying to find another product that can compete with this specific product. Chaz Dean, the founder of Wen, has done an amazing job of creating these formulas. This celebrity hairstylist has effectively used every ounce of his cosmetology education. Dean is the heart and soul of the company, and he will continue to push the boundaries in proper hair care. Wen hair care products are available on QVC.

Eden –The mastermind under Fortress success

An investor and a businessman, Wesley is an American entrepreneur who has ventured in many business activities. Apart from his talent in skiing, Mr. Eden managed to study a finance course and acquired his degree in 1984 in finance and business administration at Oregon state university. Wes Edens career started at Lehman Brothers where he was a partner and managing director and undertook to trade of mortgages. Currently, he holds a number of leadership and membership position at several different organizations and companies.

After working with different financial institutions, Wes Edens used the skills and experience he got together with some of his colleagues to come up with the Fortress investment group. Some of the institutions and organization he once worked with include his managing director position at Back Rock, a financial institution. At Fortress, he is among the founders, serves as the company’s co-chief executive officer, a chief investment officer in private equity and also assistant chairman. Under his leadership, the company managed to purchase a subprime lenders Springfield that is a financial services providers and also a mortgage lender company where he also holds the chairman position. He also works as a chair, board member and advisor at Springleaf and Nationstar holdings companies and New Senior which is an investment group.

Mr . Wes Edens apart from founding the Fortress Energy, his obsession with sports made him together with his colleague to buy a basketball team called Milwaukee Bucks. He currently serves as the co-owner of the team. On top of that, Wes Edens is among the majority owners of Aston Villa Football club together with an Egypt’s citizen. They do no directly own the team directly but have the biggest share at the company that has majority shares in the team.

Eden’s hard work, commitment to the company and community has helped him even to venture to his own investments and charitable work. He is always in support for organizations that deal with health care provision and educational support. Those qualities and others have aided him to provide success at the company. Check out to know more about Wes Edens.


Mr . Eden’s work and long-time experience has made him a leader in many organizations and making sure productivity is achieved.



Paul Mampilly – a prominent investor in the finance industry

The Senior Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing Mr. Paul Mampilly has an outstanding portfolio in the finance sector. With his excellent skills and knowledge in the economics sector, Mampilly assists many American entrepreneurs on how to invest responsibly for maximum returns.

This admirable American entrepreneur has a passion for economic matters and is currently the research and investment analyst in the finance industry. In an interview with Eric Dye, a presenter of Enterprise Radio, Paul Mampilly said that his experience in working with various investment industries had enabled him to help both small and large entrepreneurs to know the best ventures that can be profitable.

Also, working with different companies in the finance sector gives Paul Mampilly an added advantage when it comes to managing money responsibly. He also has background knowledge in Wall Street business activities as well as business analysis skills. Therefore, with this background knowledge in various fields, Mampilly is comfortable when advising investors about the stock market and other finance and investment-related issues.

What makes Mampilly outstanding in the investment and finance industry?

Apart from Mampilly’s education background and work experience, there are other activities that he does on a daily basis that makes him a figure to emulate in America. The primary one is reading widely. During the interview with Erick Dye, Mampilly said that he takes over 12 hours reading on various topics in the business world.

He reads more on anything that can negatively affect the stock market and other investments. He also visits various websites to know the current trends in the market and what can lead to better profits in the future. This reading culture is helping him to understand more about finances and investments. Additionally, with the knowledge that he gets from reading and networking, Mampilly has authority in the Finance Industry.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an MBA graduate from Fordham University in New York. He has worked in the finance and investment industry for over 25 years. Mampilly started his career journey in 1991 as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trust, before he graduated from university in 1996.

Mampilly has also worked in various companies which include Stansberry Research LLC, Kinetics Asset Management LLC, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Deutsche Bank among other firms. He is currently a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, and also helps Main Street Americans in knowing best investment opportunities.


OSI Industries Providing Solutions To Food

OSI Industries are the leading meat processing industries and other food products in the world. The companies are widely distributed in the world, and the headquarters are based in the United States of America, Aurora city located in the Illinois State.

The OSI Industries are all under the OSI Group LLC which was founded by the year 1909 in Chicago City United states by Otto Kolchowsky. Today the company operates over 60 facilities in seventeen countries all over the world. It serves as the food service company and sells its products in the entire universe.

All OSI Industries are consolidated and work under the management of the President and Chief executive officers who are based in the United States. The current CEO of the industry is Mr. Sheldon Lavin: a highly professional person with leadership skills who ensure proper running of the company and its prosperity. OSI Industries products food products such as meat patties, pizza, bacon, pork, hot dogs, vegetable products, dough products, and fish products among other food products. The industries have made it easy for other people in other continents to have access and taste the western fast foods.

Osi Industries have been listed among the best performing and most significant companies in the world. In 2016, OSI Group was ranked the 58th largest company in the world. The company has also won an award of merit during the international safety awards. All these achievements are enhanced with proper and skillful management that is why it is a highly reputable company. The industry has also won the Oscar award of health and safety risks management and environmental management.

OSI Industries work together with retail brands and restaurant across the world, and this is the reason behind its success. The industry processes value-added products which fit their customers’ operations and profiles. The food items it produces are healthy and satisfy a wide range of tastes, and they are very palatable satisfying the needs of the customers. It makes use of the technology to improve its services to the customers, and this helps the company to always remain on top.


Daniel Bethelmy-Rada Speaks About the R.A.W

For almost two years, the Global Brand President for Matrix Daniel Bethelmy-Rada and his team worked very hard to create a new line of all-natural hair care products. Despite all the difficulties, the company was able to reach its goal and develop natural products to satisfy the needs of its followers.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that more consumers want their personal care products to be entirely natural. Also, they need products that have minimal impact on the environment.

Mr. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada claims that the ingredients used to develop the R.A.W are over 96% natural and biodegradable. The company did not use any harsh chemicals, silicones or parabens. Although the cost of ingredients was high, the company used only materials derived from plants and natural sources. For the packaging, the company used materials made of recycled plastic.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says the company had a hard time following strict rules to keep their products all-natural. However, they were able to fit into the guidelines without sacrificing the quality of R.A.W products.

Another challenge for the company was matching the quality of new products to L’Oréal’s high standards. Many expensive tests were performed to resolve that issue. The company did its best to design products that deliver exceptional results without costing an arm and a leg.

Spreading the word about R.A.W’s philosophy was another noticeable challenge for the company. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says students now have shorter attention spans. They dislike long lectures and traditional seminars. They want practical information and visual results. Therefore, the company created a functional program and taught stylist from over 700 US salons.

The company created #LiveRaw digital campaign to teach about the benefits of sustainable living. Bloggers and influencers are promoting the brand and educating R.A.W’s philosophy. The company’s Instagram account is a source of customer testimonials and real reviews.

After only a few months of the R.A.W’s launch in the United States, the company records a great success. Over 90% of consumers of the R.A.W line report excellent results. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says the company is preparing for an upcoming global launch. They are glad that people around the world will enjoy the R.A.W.