Write About Sudhir Choudhrie

Sudhir Choudhrie is a businessman, philanthropists, healthcare supporter, philanthropists and an author. This accomplished renaissance man has worked in and succeeded in various endeavors during his life. One of his greatest accomplishments is writing his autobiographical work known as “From My Heart: A Tale of Life, Love and Destiny”. This book tells the story of Choudhrie’s early life in India during his formative years, up until the time he has become a billionaire magnate.

People might not know that Sudhir Choudhrie was plagued by a weak heart from the time of birth. The constant fear and reality of death lingered in Choudhrie’s life. He knew that this illness would put him in an early grave if he succumbed to its power. Still, despite the reality of an ailing heart, Sudhir Choudhrie had figured out how to live and succeed in life. Instead of making excuses or just giving up on his situation; he used his misfortune as an opportunity for success.

Sudhir Choudhrie’s family came from money and privilege. He received the best education that money could buy and ended up getting an economics degree from the University of Delhi. This would help to start his path down the road to success in the future. Choudrie’s social position and his fighting spirit would allow him to learn and master world of business and commerce.

There are parts in Sudhir Choudrie life where he had terrifying visions and deathly experiences. Right before he received his heart transplant he had to struggle with all sorts of personal demons about life and survival that had haunted him for many years. Choudhrie overcame his inner turmoil after his heart transplant was a success. He is one of the oldest living heart transplant recipients on the planet.

This book also tells the story of his wife’s (Anita) support. She has been a great support and aid for Choudhrie during the darkest days of his life. Together they had helped him to overcome some of the biggest challenges that could have wiped their family out. Sudhire Choudhrie’s autobiography is a tale of inspiration, encouragement and hope for anyone being challenged by the obstacles of life.

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James Dondero Comes Through For Dallas

James Dondero is the founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management. He started his company as a hedge fund that could offer jobs in Texas, and he has been giving back to his community ever since. He is considered a philanthropy hero in the area, and he has given to many cases that have needed his help to reach their goals. Look at what James has done for Dallas with his charitable giving.


The Dallas Zoo needed help with new construction projects, and James was able to come through. He made it possible for the zoo to keep some of their favorite animals, and he wants the zoo to have the chance to educate the community. Visit The News Version to know more about James Dondero.



He has given to the Family Place to help them with construction on new facilities that will help battered women, and he even helped to match donations as a part of one of their largest fundraising programs.


He has given back to SMU through the Towers Scholars Program, and he has even given to the Ross Perot Foundation, Education is Freedom, and various other charities that have needed his support. Learn more about James Dondero at Patch.com.



His company has been able to give back to the community while he has put down roots since they moved their offices to Dallas. James Dondero, then, has become the charity hero that everyone in Dallas has needed for some time.

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Isabel Dos Santos: Memorable Quotes from Africa’s Wealthiest Lady

Africa’s wealthiest lady is named Isabel Dos Santos and she hails from the nation of Angola. This astute billionaire and entrepreneur is among the sharpest and brightest that Africa has to offer. Dos Santos has been working for well over 20 years building up her unique brand and financial empire. She is considered one of the leading ladies of politics, finance and future growth in Africa. Isabel Dos Santos has created some really great quotes that reflects the knowledge, experience and wisdom she has gained throughout her life.

“The development of Africa and my country is my priority as an Angolan businesswoman.” This particular quote was taken from a larger statement by Dos Santos. It clearly sums up one of her biggest objectives for her life and her career. She wants to develop the talent in Africa so that the future generations can become economically strong and viable. This will help her country to thrive and life on the African continent to improve.

“I believe that goals are achieved when ambition is combined with skill and determination.” Africa’s wealthiest woman states this line to sum up what she has to say about personal qualities for success. Isabel Dos Santos knows that people are going to need more than just good ideas to get ahead. They will need personal qualities to make those ideas come to fruition. Attributes such as skill and determination are very important for achieving success in modern times.

“Creating opportunities and employment for women means betting on the progress of the communities themselves.” Dos Santos believes that women are the biggest contributors to their communities. She knows that when they have the funding and resources they will invest in their communities, children and education. All of these factors help to stabilize any society and community area. It provides people with a way to overcome poverty and improve their environment.

Isabel Dos Santos achievements in business, philanthropy, politics and life has helped her to amass great wisdom. She wants to pass this information on to the next generation. She also wants to help prepare them for improving the future world to make it a better place for people everywhere.

Isabel dos Santos anuncia novos investimentos em Angola

U.S. Money Reserve

The CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch, is the only female CEO within the industry of precious metals. She has the responsibility of overseeing each and every aspect of operations while setting the culture and pace for the organization as a whole.

Throughout recent years, the reserve has been able to help thousands of people make huge decisions about silver, gold, and even platinum. This team of professionals has special relationships with their clients that have helped build them up to what they are today.

Koch states that the big thing that people need to understand is that they are a sales organization, and majority of your sales organizations are made up of sales and marketing.

Most of your sales operations are not interested in having everyone learn more on top of what they already know they have to do, they are not even interested in teaching how to have a specific character.

For Koch, that is were everything begins. She believes that you are able to teach someone that they are way better than just simply being on the phone.

Simply because you are in sales, does not make you any less smart than the people who are not in sales. One thing she makes sure to tell her employees is that when they arrive, they are going to learn exactly how to run a system along with all of her companies materials. Read more: US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor and U.S. Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 – Manta.com

They are also going to learn about their customers needs and her team is going to make sure that they are able to function at the highest possible level.

When Koch was given the CEO role she did not take it lightly. She works with the belief that if her employees are well taken care of, and allowing them to partake and grow in both personal and professional developments, then ultimately the company will be what benefits. She states that her employees are able to “move the needle”.

She is proud of that because without her she believes that they have what it takes to go out and make the best decisions that will drive the business. That is really all she wants.

She is not a CEO that lets the money have the final word because that is not what will make her company any better. Either way, the money keeps coming in as long as she is doing what her employees need her to do, and taking care of them, then the company continues to grow and get better.

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Why Wes Edens Is One Of The Most Successful Business Men In America

Wes Edens is known for being one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group(FIG). His full name is Wesley Robert Edens and he was born in Oct. 30, 1961. He is currently based in New York. He is an American by nationality. He got a BSc in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University in 1984.

He is into private equity investment and hedge fund management. At some point he partnered with another business mogul to buy a sport team-Milwaukee Bucks. He is married to Lynn Edens and they have 4 children. He is also holding different positions in several notable organizations. He is currently the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC. He is among the board of trustees of U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation. His current positions have been listed below.

  • He is the Co-Chairman and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation


  • He is the Chairman of the Board, New Senior Investment Group Inc. since 1999


  • He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Fortress Registered Investment Trust since 2002


  • Wes Edens has been the current Chairman Drive Shack Inc. since 2004


  • He has been the Chairman of Mapeley Limited since 2008


  • He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, a position he assumed in 2010


  • He was appointed the Chairman of the Board, OneMain Holdings Inc. in 2010 and he is still the Chairman


  • He has been the Chairman of the Board, Springleaf Finance Corporation since 2010


  • He became the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Springleaf Finance Inc. in 2013


  • He is also the current Chairman of New Media Investment Group Inc.

He served in different capacities in Fortress Investment Group despite being a co-founder. He was the Chief Executive officer from April 1998 to July 22, 2003. In addition to all the positions listed above, he also has numerous affiliations. Talking about his early life, he began his remarkable career in 1987 at Lehman Brothers where he was the partner and managing director. He held the position from 1987 to 1993 before joining BlackRock’s private equity division where he served as a partner and managing director since then till 1997. His love for sports made him buy off Milwaukee Bucks and at the time of purchase, he promised to get a plan for a new arena for the team and also have the arena built within a few years. He also said he envisaged that the new facility will cost about $400 million. Overall, Wes Edens is a successful business man in whatever terms you want to put it and he is still not resting on his oars.

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The Life and Career of Marc Beer

He has seen many ups and downs throughout a career that has spanned over three decades but that has never stopped Marc Beer from attempting to successfully help as many people as he possibly can. The 48-year-old philanthropist and entrepreneur recently sat down with Stephen Callahan to discuss how he accomplished so much over the years and what his aspirations are for the future. It all began in fall 1983 when he was a freshman at Miami University. It didn’t take him long to realize he wanted to be a business major and, within four years, he had managed to obtain his bachelor of science degree. After his academic career had concluded, he accepted a job offer to work for a company called Abbott as a member of their sales development team. 

While he enjoyed his time there, he decided to leave after six years so he could accept a job offer from Biostar Inc. While working as a corporate officer there, he was offered the position of vice president of global marketing at a corporation known as Genzyme. Upon careful deliberation, he opted to take the position and worked there for four years before leaving to open his own business. Based out of Cambridge, Viacell was founded back in May of 2000 and quickly took off with a value of over $100 million and over 300 employees working for them. After going public with the company, he unexpectedly decided to sell two years later for a whopping price of over a quarter of a million. Learn more: https://medium.com/@marc.beer

Once the sale was complete, he had to deal with a family tragedy before his career could continue. It seems his wife, Jennifer, had passed away of a pulmonary embolism and he had to step up and become the primary caregiver to his three children. For over two years, he found himself transporting them to school, attending PTA meetings and helping them with whatever they needed but, pretty soon, his daughter helped him to see that the business world still needed him. So he rounded up some business associates he knew he could trust and became the cofounder, chairman and CEO of a new business called Renovia. Based out of Boston and first established in 2016, the primary mission of the company is to develop and mass produce various kinds of medical tools designed to help those who are under the weather. 

They take pride in having one of their products receive a stamp of approval from the FDA and the company has already earned a stellar reputation and they have already raised over $42.3 million to continue developing and perfecting these products to help people around the world. So we wish him luck.

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OSI Group, McDonalds Associated Producer, Signs Co-Production Agreement with Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods Co-Production Agreement

Since the debut of its Impossible Burger in mid-2016 Impossible Foods has received a growing demand for its Impossible Burger. The request has become more significant to meet as the Impossible Burger has gathered a larger and larger interest among consumers and fast-food purveyors. Recently Impossible Foods reached a co-production agreement with 100-year veteran meatpacker OSI to become its signature co-producer of choice for its Impossible Burger.

Read the article on bizjournals.com to learn more.

Impossible Foods Co-Producer

OSI Group is known for its association with a host of food restaurants, but most notably its long history with McDonalds franchises. Sheetal Shah speaking for Impossible Foods confirmed its readiness to meet all demands for the Impossible Burger. The legendary OSI will now assist with co-production as well as the distribution of its Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods will have a full production facility located in one of OSI Group’ Chicago plants. Sheetal Shah confirmed the new production facility is very close to an exact production of its Oakland Impossible Burger production Facility. OSI Group will manage the new production facility with high security. Only designated Impossible Foods employees will be allowed inside the Impossible Burger production facility. The new production facility will require strict anti-contamination measures to keep the all plant based materials from contact with toxic substances or microscopic bacteria.

OSI Group Innovation

OSI was one of the first food packing group to freeze frozen or flash freeze. OSI leads the food industry forward. The OSI had its origins in Deer Park a small suburb of Chicago. Otto Kolkovsky and sons came to America as German immigrants and landed in Chicago. Otto and Sons opened their first meat production facility in 1909. By 1955 when Ray Kroc was going international with his McDonalds franchises, he asked OSI to be his meatpacker of choice. OSI has continued to grow in its relationship with McDonalds over 65 years.

Going Anywhere and Everywhere

The co-production agreement with Impossible Foods will allow OSI to assist Impossible Foods to keep up with the growing demand for its Impossible Burger. Shateel Shah is confident that Impossible Foods can go anywhere and everywhere with the help of OSI.

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ViSalus CEO Nick Sarnicola must know contributions

Nick Sarnicola is a skilled entrepreneur, business growth strategists, sales genius, and experienced team builder for many years. He has the ideal skills and inspiration for transforming dedicated professionals to successful entrepreneurs. Nick Sarnicola is the current CEO and one of the Co-founders of the global corporate Visalus Inc. He replaced Ryan Blair, the previous CEO on 1, January 2017. Visalus Inc is a multilevel marketing corporation based in California and Los Angeles, United States. The company specializes with production and marketing of nutritional and weight management products such as vi-shape meal and many others. Besides, the corporation produces energy drinks and dietary supplements. Nick was summoned as CEO of the ViSalus Company with a primary responsibility of developing new leaders and designing the best opportunities for the company promoters. Nicks has contributed to the development of successful products in the company with high sales margins.


Nick Sarnicola has contributed to the growth and success of many great entrepreneurs through empowerment. His leadership strategies and innovation systems enable him to manage over 100 thousands of salesforce. His well-defined strategies have improved team performance in the company. The high quality products produced under Nick authority focuses on empowering and transforming people’s health.

Nick Sarnicola dedication, excellent leadership skills and hard work have helped the company from scratch to its global state. His expertise abilities to invest and leverage the company’s employees have impacted the growth of new leaders. Some of Nick’s critical skills and experiences that helped the company to grow to include sufficient brands and products launching skills and ability to create sustainable global sales. Nick has also founded the NextGen initiative to educate and help young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. He is a keynote speaker on business growth-related topics to encourage entrepreneurship education, growth and mentorship to many people.


Felipe Montoro Jens, investment in 22 sectors including 57 projects

Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure Project Specialist uncovered the plans for an R $ 44 billion stimulus implemented by the federal government of Brazil and managed the PPI. The PPI, is the Program for the Investment Partnership Program and they are responsible for the management and implementation of the R $ 44 billion investment. Felipe Montoro Jens, reports the R $ 44 billion will consist of 57 projects, including 22 sectors. The investment by the federal government of Brazil is to help stimulate the economy and create jobs, all while enhance an optimal environment for business to thrive. The projects reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, include airport management, major road work, and biding of traditional government institutions. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj to see more updates.

It was reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, the BR 153 and BR 364 are included projects for major road work implementation. BR 153 stretched between Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO), while BR 364 connects Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO). Combined BR 153 and BR 364 cover over 800 kilometers. These roadwork projects along with what the auction of four port terminal concessions are not to be available until the last three months of 2013. The port terminal concessions of Belem (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) are those to be available at the end of the year.

The Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg, and Docks of Espirito Santo are all scheduled to be sold to the private sector as part of the stimulus package, and is of the projects to be made available to the private sector during the last months of 2018. Moreira Franco, who is the Minister of the Secretary General if the Presidency, insisted the sole reason for selling the Mint is for the opportunity of the acquisition of better technology.

Infraero, is also projected to sale airports currently under their jurisdiction.

Website: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/

Bhanu Choudhrie: An Entrepreneur With A Desire To Improve The World

Bhanu Choudhrie is a hard working entrepreneur who has had a very successful business life. He was raised in India but received his college degrees in the United States. Choudhrie is the founder of C&C Alpha Group, and he oversees multiple companies from that serve customers in different parts of the world. He has learned the true value of building capable management teams that can stand the test of time and enjoys investing in companies for much longer than most other firms of his kind do. This allows him to help these companies grow, which, in turn, helps his investments to grow.

Bhanu Choudhrie is not just a businessman; he is also a philanthropist who does quite a bit for people. He serves as the director of Path to Success, which is a charitable organization that helps people in India and the United Kingdom. His own mother created the organization, and it mainly works with children who are suffering because of being poor, having a disability of some kind, or from abuse. His firm C&C Alpha Group has also done its part to help developing economies by serving as a sponsor for the Emerging Markets Symposium that is hosted by Templeton Green College in Oxford. Choudhrie also worked with the Commonwealth Games England Business Advisory Board in 2010 as its chair and has been praised for his work with the group.

Bhanu Choudhrie has expanded C&C Alpha Group so that it now has offices in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. His firm invests in many different industries and continues to find a level of success that not many other firms do. He started up C&C in London after he finished up his schooling in the U.S. Bhanu Choudhrie helps newer companies to develop their business, and he also works with companies that have existed for many years that just need a helping hand. He recently commented that he loves being involved with all of the many companies he works with. One of his favorite things about working with so many companies is all of the fascinating people he gets to meet on a daily basis.

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